Monday, June 18, 2012

Everything Under the Sun

As I am writing this there is a major storm raging outside my windows. The thunder is loud! The rain is intense! And I'm hoping the hail stays small because both of our cars are parked outside...

I thought I'd give another update on life in our new place.

Overall things are going well.

Ryan is gearing up to start classes for real, so his time at home will be less, and I have a feeling life will become increasingly more stressful. I'm proud he has this opportunity and I know he truly wants to do well. My concern (like many other spouses here) is that the family will get lost in the ambition of the husband. I've heard it's quite common.

We have memberships at the local YMCA so we've been spending good chunks of time there. The kids have LOVED swimming (they start swimming lessons next week). At first both kids were a bit tense, but with every visit they've become more comfortable in the water and, therefore, increasingly more brave. In addition to the kiddie pool time, I have started a 6-week fitness course which consists of cardio and weights. As I build up more endurance I'll add in some classes that are offered. After the 6 weeks are up I hope to re-assess and keep up the hard work. I can't tell you how great it feels to be back in a gym regularly -- it's been nearly 4 years! The 2 hours of free childcare daily that come with our gym membership really helps!

I'm involved with the AFIT Spouses Book Club and look forward to reading the next selection -- Fatherland by Robert Harris. Actually, I have quite the stack of books I have lined up to read. My bookmark break challenge page is updated so go check that out to see what I've been up to.

Other than Book Club there is Recipe Club that I hope to start going to as well as Bunco Night and Spouses Night Out. I'm already a part of the Playgroup.

We did go to the hospital over a week ago to meet Will's pediatrician and get a referral for speech therapy. It was not the best appointment. Apparently all of our medical records from Kirtland have not arrived. On top of that, our appointment was cancelled but the hospital did not contact us to tell us... so the doc agreed to see us anyway. She briefly looked at Will's record that had been kept digitally, but she admitted that without his full record and no time to prepare she was not aware of all that his case included. Come to find out that Will's medical record from birth to now has NOT been consolidated so that's another hurdle to jump through.

Anyway, the referral came through and Will has his initial appointment for speech in about a week to decide what level of therapy he will need and then schedule recurring appointments.

Other things going on... well, my face is breaking out as bad as a Jr. High band geek. I'm thinking that the change in environment has a lot to do with it and the humidity is awful. I don't know what in the world is going on! My skin has not looked like this in years (if ever)! One breakout clears up just as another reappears somewhere else. I've thought about changing my skin care routine, but maybe I just have to adjust to the different surroundings???

I realized I never mentioned it before, but we DID get Will his new bike to go along with the new house. He loves it. Ryan also picked up a bike at a neighbor's yard sale so the guys should begin riding together sometime soon.
Lana doesn't ride the trike yet, it's a work in progress
he loves it!
Church shopping went better this week. We found a church that we feel interested in, but they are not the "traditional" Assemblies of God. That's not a good or bad thing, just different. We liked how the pastor preached. They are well equipped for ministry with children. The facility and equipment is very updated. There are talented people in ministry. There were actually many good things we liked; but the MAJOR drawback is that it is a VERY large church, and I'm not a fan of huge churches. I like to get involved and get to know my pastors and a lot of people in the congregation but with churches that have a membership of over 2,000 people it is easy to get lost. We're going to check them out again next week and see how it goes.

Yesterday was Father's Day so I thought I'd share how hubby was spoiled this year:
DeWALT 18volt driver/drill with screwdriving set and drill bits
We were tired of cheap drills that wouldn't get the job done so I splurged.. and Ryan really likes it! Love ya babe!

We have been branching out and I'm discovering things to do in the area. We went to the National Museum of the USAF, which I'll be posting about later. We've gone to the Fairfield Commons area quite a bit. And just this weekend we checked out "The Greene". It was good to get out, walk around, and do a bit of shopping. The best part was when we allowed the kids to play in the fountain. Will and Alanna loved it!

Besides shopping I'm finding some GREAT parks nearby. Many of them have free splash pads which come in handy with this heat/humidity.

There are several things in the area and for day trips that I've learned about and I think I'll be checking out sometime: The Columbus Crew, The Boonshoft Museum, SunWatch Indian Village/Archaeological Park, The Woodland Cemetery & Arboretum, The Riverscape Park, The Rock n' Roll Hall of Fame Museum, The Louisville Slugger Museum, The Creation Museum, The Columbus Zoo & Aquarium, The Dayton International Peace Museum, Cedar Point Amusement Park, King's Island Amusement Park, The Cleveland Indians, The Cincinnati Reds.... I think that's a good list to get ya'll started on what I've been looking at. Yes, I'm a glutton for museums.

So that's what's happening here. If you know of any other great attractions to see/do within a couple hours of Dayton let me know!


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  1. Your kids look like they have grown in the short time since I've seen them - such cutie pies!