Saturday, May 26, 2012

We're Here Now

As I mentioned, we are in Ohio now.

A couple things: it is VERY green. Not "green" like the Pacific Northwest is green... it's like golf course green out here. And there's LOTS of grass. My kids are enamored with all the grass to walk on -- we kind of didn't have that in New Mexico. Oh yeah, and there are trees! Not evergreen trees like in Washington, these are crazy bright green trees that I have a feeling will change colors in the fall and be nekked all winter.

Also, water. There are lakes and rivers and decorative lake/fountain things all over the place! While we're driving around Lana sees them and starts almost crying that she sees water. It is apparently very exciting. Guess that was another thing we didn't see much of in New Mexico.

Squirrels are a common view. The other day we had this huge gray squirrel in our back yard. I called Will to the window and he giddily watched it run across the grass, slide through and climb the chain-link fence, walk along the top of the fence, jump over the gate, then climb the wood side of the fence before disappearing out of sight.

While living in TLF we saw a skunk across from us in another field.

I know these aren't strange things to see... but when the wildlife you've been watching for over 2 years has been coyotes, rabbits, prairie dogs, and roadrunners it is a little fascinating to see something different.

I'm already not a fan of the humidity. Everyone says it will be getting worse soon and I dread it. New Mexico had lovely DRY heat: you step in the shade and immediately feel good. Humidity doesn't allow that. Tokyo was awful in that way and I'm sad to have to experience it again.

I didn't really talk about our search for our house. It was a bit stressful with our time crunch before Ryan started school. We looked at 2 houses and were not thrilled. We just weren't willing to pay the extra money for certain things. We reluctantly decided to look at what the military housing was and were pleasantly surprised at what we were offered. They gave us a step up in rank for the house we were given. Even saying that, it is smaller than what we had in Albuquerque... but it is nice, comfortable, and I can see us living here happily for the next 2 years. It has been making us purge more, but that isn't necessarily a bad thing.

Umm... the kitchen is half the size of what I had before. Purging, yes.

1 car garage instead of 2 car garage... how much are we willing to store ourself??

But I digress. This will be just fine.

only pic of our house without the address visible
Our stuff arrived a day after we got our keys so we've been busy trying to move in. We're hoping to pretty much be done with the unpacking by this weekend. Ryan starts classes in earnest next week so he won't be around to help. I should mostly just have some organizing and picture hanging to do by then.

This week I went to the AFIT Spouses Orientation and met some lovely women. We heard presentations from several full-bird colonels about what to expect, how to help our husbands, and services that are provided to us. I thought it was very helpful. I also got to hear about different clubs within the AFIT spouses to get involved in so I should start getting busy soon.

What else...

Got connected to the school district about Will so we should have a meeting soon to discuss his services and have them prepared for him next year. We have an appointment with his new pediatrician next week to go over Will's history and get him new referrals for therapy. Once those come through I can schedule how life will most likely go.

I found out about gyms in the area and hoping to add that into our daily schedule as well.

I'm supposed to e-mail the chaplain and get some info from him about the local PWOC. Once I have that I'm excited to get involved!

Tried out one church but going to keep our search up for a bit longer.

As you can see, I'm trying to stay busy and find connections here. It is always lonesome when you first PCS, but I'm doing okay. Just hoping I can make a good friend soon.

and blog posts can be boring without pictures so...:

 here are my kids playing in the back yard in the sprinkler for the FIRST time ever:

and the day the movers came to the house our childcare didn't pan out so I took the kids to the Kittyhawk center to get away for awhile and it so happens they were having a pet extravaganza/safety thing going on. We got a new helmet for Will, jumped in bouncy houses, got to see lots of dogs, and the kids got their faces painted. It was fun!


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  1. Sounds like you've got all your ducks in a row up there :) That tiger face painting was serious art!!