Saturday, May 19, 2012

PCS Drive to Ohio, Pt. 1

Today the movers arrive to unload our things in our new house. I may have a few more guest posts soon but for now I have time to blog so I'm sharing:


Shall I tell you about our "wonderful" drive out to Ohio from New Mexico?

It wasn't as 'uneventful' as we hoped.

Let me back up to before we left.

There were some car problems that showed up about 3 days before we had to leave. A new O2 sensor, new rear wheel bearings, and brake pad replacements put us on our way.

Ryan stayed behind in Albuquerque to finish up some things while my sister and I took the kids up to Colorado Springs to see our brother off to Afghanistan. (Melissa had come down to New Mexico to help with the kids during this PCS and drive out to Ohio with us).

The trip up to Colorado went fine. Pretty smooth except for the pancake burger I received at McDonald's... but that's whole 'notha story.

Colorado was actually alright. Mom, Dad, and LaRetta met up with us there so we were all together. We went to the Olympic Training Center, hung out, ate, checked out "the INCLINE", and worked on some gifts we were sending Mike off with (a candy card and a book of stories, letters, and pictures from all of us).

Melissa, Will & Retta, Alanna, Me, and Mike in the Olympic Rings
bottom of the Incline

Will walking the path leading to the incline
hanging out in Manitou Springs
I was still stressing from all the PCS stuff and I was having issues with my brakes. Why yes, the very same brakes that just had something done to them!

We took my van into the local Pep Boys and were basically told there was nothing wrong with them. They said we just had too much weight in the car, which was a bunch of bull. It was like pulling teeth to just have them look at the brakes! They did make an adjustment on the rear brakes and there was a bit of a difference so I went on my way.

working on the book to send with Mike (at 2 am)
As I mentioned, we were there to see my brother off to Afghanistan. He left us on a Thursday. Now, in Mike's case, he had stayed behind for a special Army competition while his platoon deployed so there was no big send off or anything. So all of us went to the airport to see him off. His boss was there, as was one of his friends/co-workers. When he went to check in we were surprised and pleased that the airline allowed ALL of us to accompany him to the gate. Oh, and his plane was delayed.
mom & dad with Mike
my bro and I
Mike with his nephew and niece
us 4 kids
Mike with his Candy Card: "Shockers Mike, You're 3 Musketeers and Extras know it will be a Mixed Nuts Marathon with your Junior Mints and the other Dum Dums over there! If you find any TicTac Whatchamacallits, don't listen to the Snickers. It's UP2U to send in the Runts and Nerds with their Bazookas!!! Kisses, Dad, Mom, Melissa, LaRetta, Sierra, William and Alanna"
Mike saying goodbye to Alanna

We all spent a large amount of time in that airport... and William did not do very well.

But, we were there to say goodbye to Mike and watch him board the plane. It was sad.

Friday morning we all went to Seven Falls and had a nice time with each other and the kids LOVED their little popper toys Aunt Retta got for them. I didn't climb the big stairs, only Melissa and my dad did that. But I did purchase a fun salt rock light... can't wait to use it!

My kids and I outside the elevator on the first level

a view of the falls
Melissa, LaRetta, and William

That afternoon was when Melissa and I headed out to meet up with Ryan (and Maya). Originally the goal was to meet in Manhattan, Kansas but apparently a college graduation was going on that weekend so there were no vacancies in pet-friendly hotels.

We agreed to then meet him in Topeka where he found a pet-friendly hotel with a room.

Now, I have decided that so far in my exploration of the United States that Kansas is my LEAST favorite state to drive through. It was very flat and boring. Not even buildings or trees to really look at. If it wasn't for the good conversations I had with my sister I'm not sure I would have stayed awake through there. And honestly, I wouldn't mind if I never had to drive through there again.

The ride was going fine until about an hour outside of Topeka. My wipers stopped working... in a downpour. It was dark, not a safe shoulder to pull off on, and nowhere near an offramp.

What was I going to do??

Find out next time.



  1. Pancake burger?! Eeeew. Sounds like quite the adventure so far :) (I totally agree about Kansas being boring too! If it weren't for the Wizard of Oz, I'd completely dismiss that state!)

  2. PCS's are doomed to have something go really wrong in the middle of them. I hope you guys were okay!

    1. I'm glad that you guys made it safely to Ohio . . . every PCS has to have some drama, it seems to be like some sort of military rite of passage . . .

      I miss you terribly and am looking forward to reading more posts (you know, in between unpacking boxes and enrolling Will in school and all that other stuff . . .) :)