Wednesday, May 16, 2012

An Oven From a Box: Guest Post

Another guest post! This time it is from Samantha. She's sharing a crafty idea that almost anybody can do!


Having two little boys in the house usually means that we are filled with our share of cars, trucks, racetracks, trains, and blocks, but with the recent addition of a child-sized chair for Jack, we ended up with the perfect box for a homemade oven/stove for the boys to play with! I set to work creating this quick play station to keep these little hands occupied.

The Initial Box

Drawing the burners...

Time to cook! (My own pots and pans)

What's cookin' fellas?

The finished project

Proper knobs & buttons

Ready for playtime!

The boys LOVED this! They even tried to get INTO the oven which was quite alarming, but Charlie then had a blast making this warmer and using my pot-holders to get dinner ready. Dried pasta was great for mixing into their creations (as was blocks and cars), but overall, this really kept them occupied! (I also liked that Charlie always seemed to be cooking broccoli!) A quick play kitchen fix without spending a dime!

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Thanks Samantha! This may come in handy after we've unpacked all our boxes in our new home!


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