Thursday, April 5, 2012

White Sands National Monument

This has been one busy week! I can't believe we're already over the HUMP of Wednesday! Thursday will likely be busy, Friday the kids don't have school but do have well-check ups, Saturday will be Easter Egg Hunts and a party and then Sunday is EASTER! Oh my! Easter already. Our remaining time in New Mexico is ticking away faster than I thought it would!

So before more time slips away, and I begin to forget, I will update about the trip the kids and I took over the weekend!

Originally my friend Tegan and 2 of her kids were going to join us and make this a fun group trip. Unfortunately her youngest came down with an ear infection and puking and diarrhea so she had to back out. No worries, her baby is fine now. But... last minute cancellation means other people already have plans and I had nobody to come along with me.

I braved it up and went on my own. Just me and my kiddos! Ryan had to work and he had studying to do and I'm sure he could have cared less to see the sights we went to, maybe. He actually may have enjoyed them. We'll never know.

Friday morning the kids and I got ready, packed and loaded then headed out for the 3 hour drive to Alamogordo, New Mexico. It was actually a nice drive. The kids saw cows, cows, cows, a couple horses, and a dead coyote. Let me just say, my kids know what noise a cow makes.

There's not a whole lot to see on the drive. I mean, there is beautiful scenery at times -- table top mountains, colorful sand, scrub brush, interesting little towns, construction areas. Alanna fell asleep at some point and Will was getting anxious. And I should mention that out in the middle of nowhere there wasn't exactly cell signal for me to call somebody and chat the drive along.

About 2 hours into the drive I notice that the land around me was no longer brown... it was black! I literally started laughing out loud because I realized we were in an area that was old lava flows. Crazy! I decided on the way home we would have to stop!

Eventually we made it to Alamogordo. I have a friend who lives down there so we met up, chatted, and loaded up my van again. Our first stop was Holloman AFB where I checked into the TLF. Then we headed out to White Sands National Monument.


Will, Lana, & Lily clamoring over the plowed sand to get to the dunes
it's like they were made for this trip!
The sand there is gypsum sand... and WHITE! I thought it would be hot to walk on (all my encounters with sand and full sun means hot sand) and I made sure my kids and I had socks and sneakers on. We didn't need them. The sand is not hot at all. It's barely warm! And then when you get under the surface the sand is cool to the touch. My mind was blown. It was awesome. I made my kids take off their shoes. Lana loved it immediately. Will wasn't too thrilled with sand sticking to his sweaty feet, but after a few moments he was fine with it.
Lana took to the sand like a fish to water
Will had to adjust to sand on his feet
and they're off!
but they came back
Leslie & I

People can camp out at the dunes. People picnic. People sled down. Our kids just had a blast rolling, climbing, sliding, and just all around being in that beautiful sand. There are nature walks and a sunset tour to do but we didn't do any of it. Leslie and I just enjoyed our time together talking and watching our kids play and her little one eat the sand.
driving out on White Sands National Monument... it kind of looks like snow!
Lana re-hydrating before our next dune stop
Oh, I should mention that my paste-y white skin was covered in SPF 110 'cause that's how I roll. Thank you very much.
sand and sky

Will trying to climb up the dune
from the top of the dune looking down on Leslie and the girls
After a lovely time in the sand (that gets all in your pockets, in your undies, all in your hair, and also everywhere in your car), we headed back to Leslie's house where she made a nice dinner. It was so good to see her and I'm glad I did. I'm not sure she'll be back to Albuquerque before we PCS so this was like our farewell.

sliding down

climbing up (again, and again, and again)

Will & Lily racing to the top

she thought the climbing was too much and just played near the bottom

That night the kids and I washed up at Holloman and prepared for the next day. I searched for directions to...

Carlsbad Caverns!!!

Stay tuned!


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  1. The pictures are fabulous! I so wish I could have been there with you. I'm really glad you got to meet up with your friend Leslie though and hang out with her before you leave NM.

    I have to say the dunes are a whole lot higher than I expected . . . I'm really excited to take the kids there before we leave NM.