Thursday, April 26, 2012

What can YOU draw?

Do any of you play "Draw Something"?? My sister introduced me to the game while she was visiting and I'm hooked. I love it.

Actually, when I was in Santa Fe over the weekend I was drawing while walking. I'm talented I know.

But not really THAT talented.

My scribbles mostly consist of haphazard stick figures and lopsided lines. I'm no artist.

In fact, while working on the set of a show in college (Tartuffe I think?) it was decided Sierra should not be given a paintbrush. Apparently I have no idea what I'm doing when it comes to drawing, shading, sketching, etc. Yeah, I'm 'that' person.

So... what in my ever-loving mind made me think it would be a good idea to start at game of "Draw Something" with a true animator?!?!

That's right. I did. JC Little blogs at The Animated Woman. I don't remember how I came across her blog and her drawings, but they almost always make me laugh. She is also digging "Draw Something" right now and said that if you start a game with her she will draw something just for you. I got a lovely drawing of a Pickle Weasel suit hanging in a closet on a hanger.

Go ahead. Start a game with "That Animated Woman" and see what she draws for you. I will warn you, you WILL feel inferior... but she will make you smile while doing it.


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