Monday, April 23, 2012

PWOC Retreat

Over the weekend I attended my local PWOC's retreat. We went to a charming, historical hotel in Santa Fe, The Bishop's Lodge.

I was actually a part of the planning committee since I am the Worship Coordinator. Oh, and I'm the one who hooks up all the sound equipment and run the projector/laptop the whole retreat.

The woman who put this retreat on was absolutely amazing. I know it was stressful to organize the event. She had to do a lot of work, negotiating, and delegating.

Anyway, we all were in different rooms spread over the land. My room happened to be WAAAAAY up on a steep hill. The view was gorgeous. I had several friends in rooms near me. But the walk up that hill after our sessions was killer! The room itself was lovely. We all had upgraded rooms. They were spacious with 2 queen beds, a gas fireplace, double sink and large bath/shower.
my view from just below my room
I roomed with my friend Tegan, her baby Daphne, and her friend Karen. Tegan, Daphne, and I shared one bed. The first night I woke up any time I moved because I never knew where the baby was and it has been awhile since I've had a baby in my bed. The next night I was fine.

Our actual sessions were strong. Our speakers did a wonderful job sharing on our theme of "Beautiful Feet" and the different "shoes" we wear in our lives. Of course for me, I'm PCSing in about 2 weeks, it's that time of the month, and I was incredibly emotional.

Saturday we had the entire afternoon off for free time. There were several options available on how to spend it. The Lodge is also a resort so there was spa treatments and massages available -- for a hefty price. There was also horse-back riding, swimming, hiking, mountain biking, and skeet shooting. But we were near Santa Fe so many of us travelled into the city for shopping, food, pedicures, and history stuff.

I ended up heading out with Tegan, Karen, Marjorie, and Elizabeth. We went to a yummy French cafe for lunch.
Tegan & Karen
Elizabeth & Marjorie
Then we walked through the Plaza and I was finally able to check out the Palace of the Governors. And since we're military wives we got in for FREE! It was fun to take in more history of this beautiful land.
a mud carriage that I SO was NOT supposed to be taking a picture of
After our tour we split up (Tegan wanted to go back to see the horses and Marjorie wanted to participate in Ballet Body that our 2 Jazzercise instructors were hosting). The 3 of us left went back to the French cafe for crepes and walked by the Cathedral. Elizabeth had never really experienced Santa Fe so we walked over to the Loretto Chapel for her to see the miraculous staircase.

Then we began our search for a nail salon. After over 45 minutes of driving, searching, calling we arrived at a little place who got all three of us in chairs right away. Full service! Now I have pretty red toes with flowers on my big toes. And then we were late getting back for dinner... oops!

Saturday night after our session it was game night in one of the rooms. I had to show up late because I was working music out with my worship team for Sunday morning. When we arrived we were immediately thrown into Taboo. My team discovered I was pretty good (earning 5 points) so when 1 more person on B TEAM had to close it out I was chosen. I didn't do as well... we only got 2 points. But then with the final tally B TEAM won by 1 point! Whoot! Go me! After that we played Apples to Apples. There were so many of us that we did it in 7 or 8 teams of 2. It was full of gut busting laughter, and Hang and I did not win.

On the last day of our retreat I was to lead the worship. That was not wise planning on my part... remember, emotional?! Then Chaplain Allen presented a beautiful, powerful message about communion and I lost it at the end (only after somebody gave me a hug -- RULE: when somebody is on the verge of sobbing and trying to keep it together a hug will push them over the edge!).

Don't worry, there were not many, if any, dry eyes at that time.

When all was over the Retreat Team hung back to tear down then enjoyed a picnic lunch where there was great conversation, laughs, and tears. How much of a blessing it was to be with wonderful women -- and it was all DRAMA FREE! Who can say that?! Spending a weekend with over 30 women and there was no drama!

I got to know several more women and it just sucks that I'm leaving so soon. I could just imagine what friendships would develop if I were to stay here. That makes me look forward to our next base and working with another friend to help build up the local PWOC there!


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  1. That looks so fun! I went to my first PWOC retreat in Nov. and loved it!