Wednesday, April 18, 2012

PCS planning

As if you couldn't tell from my last post, I'm a bit surprised by how soon our pack out is taking place.

Bring it on!

Hubby and I have been in discussions on how our traveling will be scheduled and as of right now I think we have it worked out. I still have to talk with my sister, though, since she'll be traveling with me. Ryan and I had some miscommunications on when to leave and when to arrive, what routes to take, where to meet up, etc... but after I actually mapped things out through good ol' mapquest and we could see the actual paths and time of drives it was like the cloud cleared and we could find some good decisions.

Other than the packing there is the whole "clearing out of housing" to deal with. Ryan will be unavailable between out processing and taking finals. My sister is coming down and will be taking my kiddos and exploring Albuquerque. That leaves ONLY me to clean the house and pass inspection.

Not cool.

Today I had a walk through with a friend of a friend who is approved through housing to do inspection cleanings. She has agreed that for a discount price I can assist in the cleaning! Whoot!

Just this afternoon I thought it might be a good idea to start purging toys. I grabbed the box of cars, looked inside, and put it all back. This will be much harder than I thought.

I remember being a little girl and in love with my barbie dolls and "My Little Ponies" with quite the collection. Then my dad received orders and suddenly more of my collection was in the yard sale than I was allowed to keep. It is traumatizing let me tell you! In the end orders were changed and we didn't move, but my beloved toys already were gone.

My kids aren't really attached to those particular toys but maybe I'm just a bit overwhelmed to take on the task right now.

Soon though.

And since this was a lot of writing, let me end by sharing some photos of my kids playing at the park when my sister was visiting!




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