Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Not without popcorn

Our move is truly underway. Movers arrive in a couple days!

Something else we're preparing is our van. Saturday we took it in to get the antifreeze leak fixed. Thank goodness it was just a loose hose, nothing major. Then on Sunday we got new tires since the ones we had were horrible. Nearly balled, cracking, and not going to make it all the way to Ohio safely. Definitely time for new tires.

Then Monday morning I head out to take Will to school and one of the tires is COMPLETELY flat. Like, there was no way I could drive with it.

Ryan ended up airing it up and driving it back to Costco (I had a meeting to be at). He basically ruined the tire in the process, but I'm glad.

Apparently, they were just going to put a patch on whatever was causing the leak but since it was so badly damaged they had to replace it. I'm relieved it was destroyed... we spent THAT much money on new tires and not 24 hours later one is flat and they want to just do a patch?! I don't think so!

Kuddos to the hubby who got it taken care of!

Oh, on Sunday the kids had photos taken at a local park by a mil-spouse photographer from base. Today I got some proofs back and they are amazing! I look forward to showing them to you all soon... but not right now 'cause I don't have them.

Now I must go back to stressing and trying to prepare for the PCS. Oh, and sleep. But not without popcorn.



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