Tuesday, April 24, 2012

My Pasties

And I'm not talking about what you think I'm talking about!

My legs. They are so incredibly pasty white! Well, actually all of me is pasty white but of the parts of me that are seen publicly, my legs are the worst.

I have all the lines:
  • I'm so white, I glow in the dark
  • I'm Casper's cousin
  • I sweat milk
  • Porcelain dolls got nothin' on me
No, I don't tan. I even go outside WITHOUT sunscreen* on my legs and there's nothing. Not even a burn. There's no hope.

After all this time I've come to a conclusion: the skin on my legs is so white it repels the sun, therefore I cannot tan my legs.

I tried the self tanner creams, but I'm not very good at exfoliating all the time so I turn out streaky with dark ankles and knees.

I've decided it is time to embrace my pasty white skin. I don't think it's going anywhere anytime soon. So for those of you who see me outside, I apologize. Just put on some sunglasses and it won't be so bad!

* I must always wear sunscreen on other parts of my body... they roast. So far this year I have made a point to put on SPF 100+, or wear sleeves, or at least cover my shoulders if I know I will be spending time outside in order to prevent burns.



  1. Haha, love this post! My husband is part Indian, can tan like no other. Makes me jealous!

  2. Yep. I'm the same way. Me mom is a photographer and always says how hard it is I take my pic because I "glow in the dark"