Friday, April 20, 2012

Lana's Birthday Party

It was about a week ago, I know, but I need to get these posts done before I forget!

By the way, the movers are coming TOMORROW to check our house and estimate how much work it will be to pack us out. That's not too stressful! I can handle that.

This weekend is my PWOC retreat and as Worship Coordinator I've had plenty of work to do to prepare. Looking forward to some relaxing and refreshing though!

oh, so what was I posting about??

Lana's birthday party. Right.

I reserved one of the housing town homes to host the party. Many, many people were invited and of the RSVPs I had a good idea of the number of people to plan for. Then there were cancellations and a no show. Oh well.

I was running late (poor planning on my part and a busy week) but it wasn't a big deal. People who were important to me and my kids were there and I was so happy to have them.
birthday girl!

We sat around, chatted, ate, snacked, and my sister, me and Angel made balloon swords and dogs to keep the kids busy. They loved them!

After lots of eating and playing it was time for the piƱata! Darrin and Ryan rigged it up and we lined up the kiddos. Of course on this day Albuquerque was in full-on SPRING WIND day. It was vicious! But we overcame. All the kids took swings. The stick broke. They kept taking swings. Finally we'd had enough and it was Ryan's turn. He took several big swings and that cupcake finally burst! Candy literally went flying all over.
kids lined up (Alanna was hiding behind them)
Lana went first
Will had his turn
Tegan with Daphne (she didn't really participate)
Natasha with Korban and Kinley
After candy collection was done we went inside and it was cake time!

I actually ordered through the commissary and I'm very happy with the result! We choose a butterfly/fairy theme. And they offered cupcake cakes... so the top looks like a full cake, but it is actually individual cupcakes with TONS of frosting. Such a good thing though for parties. No knives, no cutting, no real waiting. Just grab one and stick it on the plate with ice cream.

Lana was a bit unsure about the singing. But she did blow out her candle!

Everybody sat around and enjoyed the yummy sweetness -- and the cupcakes were actually pretty good!

After cake was presents! When I sent invites I even said presents were optional, but Alanna received many gifts. She seemed to enjoy opening all those things and giving clothes to daddy. She couldn't have cared less about the reading of birthday cards though.

Once all the presents were put aside we all hung out a bit longer, goodie bags were passed out, and then people started to trickle away and then we cleaned up.

It was such a fun time with friends. I'm glad we could celebrate and feel blessed by the love we have felt here.

Oh, and if you're interested... below this are pictures of the different kiddos enjoying their cupcakes!


Ian & Logan

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