Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Don't Forget Easter!

With everything that has been going on between travels, my sister visiting, Lana's party, working on PWOC retreat, and our upcoming PCS; I completely forgot to blog about Easter!

Easter was overall good! Saturday our church was hosting an Easter Egg Hunt then a bit of a party. Well, we were running late and parking was a bear so when we finally stepped on the grass of the park the hunt JUST started. We still had to cross the field so by the time we reached the area the hunt was over. I was mad because of the reasons we were running late (which I won't share on here). But it was okay. My kids didn't mind... in fact, several of our friends' kids just started loading up Will & Lana's baskets with eggs they had found. It was such a sweet gesture.

My friend Tegan and her family came as well. They also missed the hunt. Oops!

Then we headed over to the church for bouncy houses and lunch. Ryan met up with us there. The kids had a good time and then, before we knew it, the party was winding down.

We are friends with several of the people who were in charge of the event. When they bouncy houses were finished and beginning to deflate, I found Ryan and Will hanging out in a "secret" area with those friends who were enjoying their own BBQ lunches. I joined in on the chatting and before we knew it, everybody had left except my little family and several of our friends.

It was decided that 2 of the guys were going to re-inflate one of the bouncy houses so they could rough-house (which later ended in an injury). And since our kids are smaller and couldn't really enjoy bouncing freely in a bouncy house earlier with the crowds, the other bouncy house was inflated so Will and Lana could have their own private jumping time. They LOVED it.

private bouncy house party

Later that night me and the kids dyed Easter Eggs and went over the Easter story. After my utter failure with Resurrection Cookies last year I didn't even attempt it this year!

Easter morning my kids were able to check out their multiple baskets and Easter gifts.
Grandma and Nana also sent stuff so my kids are doubly spoiled

He got bubbles too!

Then, after many, many failed attempts at getting a decent picture I settled on "okay" and we were on our way to church.

Kids! Look at the camera!
okay, hugs are nice
is the sun too bright out here??
let's try by the door... this one isn't bad...
Ryan, clap your hands over my head to get the kids to look at me.... ugh, now they're clapping. Oh well, that's cute!
umm... okay, guess we're done.
After church I demanded a self-family picture. We did adequate, not great. At least we were all looking at the camera and hands were not in noses!

Other than that not much else happened. We took it easy, Ryan studied, I did laundry... kids ate some candy.

But it was a good day! And we did take time to celebrate that He is Risen!


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