Friday, March 16, 2012

You've Got Snail Mail!

Who doesn't love getting "real" mail? I know I do. Anything beats getting bills and junk mail and the never ending stream of store coupons. In fact, I even love SENDING real mail! Anybody want a pen pal?? Or at least a Postcard Pal??

Jessica over at Jessica Lynn Writes hosted a super fun postcard swap. I had a the lovely Casey from We Took the Road Less Traveled By as my postcard buddy.

And yesterday my postcard arrived!

That's right! Casey is an Air Force wife living in Germany. Lucky girl. I can't be too bitter... I've lived overseas once with the military (in Japan). Turns out Casey has never been further West than Kansas... and I've never been further East that I am now! Well, that's only partially true. I spent a not-so-great weekend in Chicago once.

I was so happy to find the postcard in my mailbox yesterday! When I came back in the house the kids were probably wondering why I was so giddy (I also got a new book to review in the mail so that helped). The pictures on the front just made me long for the day I can go to Europe and actually see these places for myself. Ahh... dreamy.

Thanks so much to Jessica for hosting and to Casey for the fun postcard! Who knew something so simple would truly brighten a day!



  1. Oh yay!!! So happy it FINALLY decided to make it's way to your mailbox! What a fun swap! And if you're ever on my side of the pond, be sure to stop by! I'm a lovely tour guide! :)

  2. I love getting mail too! I did postcrossing for awhile but stopped...I should start up again!

    Anywho, you'll be going further East soon...the move is coming up, right?