Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Will's Small Party

some of the balloons. We also had a purple one but it escaped out the front door...
On Saturday we had a small celebration for Will's 4th birthday. Since it was short notice and the beginning of spring break (not to mention a major Lobos game for the city) many people were not around.

Oh, and then Ryan was sick in bed so he ended up missing the party. I wasn't to thrilled, but what can you do?

We started out by going to Explora. Sarah, her husband, and her kids met us there. We wandered around and let the kids check things out.
a real smile!

Around noon we headed back to the house. Heather and her kids also came over. We chatted. All the kids played (and fought), we ate, and then had cake. Ryan wanted a Costco cake despite it's enormous size... anybody want leftovers??
Will wasn't too sure what to do while we all sang to him. He was thrilled with the cake he picked out and blew out his candle!

Overall it was a very low key birthday party, but I'm cool with that.

Once everybody left Will got to open presents. With a small party I didn't ask people to bring gifts so I felt it would be awkward if they sat around while Will opened presents from family.

He really got into the present opening. Lana was a bit jealous of him getting things. The one thing Will asked for was a kitty. We were not getting him one, but my mother-in-law sent him this "Fur Real" toy cat and the kids absolutely love it. It meows and walks and purrs... they like to make the little thing walk off the table and tumble to the floor.

Ryan and I had planned to get Will a bike and helmet, but with Ryan sick and then me sick we haven't been out to buy one. Once we purchase it I'll be sure to share pictures.

And that was Will's small party.


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