Wednesday, March 21, 2012

A Call for Guest Bloggers!


I'm moving.

Not a surprise.

Any-hoo... I'd like to line up some (uh-hum SEVERAL) gust posts so that there's something to read and I keep my blog active. It's no fun to be a follower and then the writer doesn't post for a month.

I'm not sure exactly how much I'll be up for blogging during the pack out, driving across several states, rental house-hunting, living in TLF, and moving into a new home.

So, if you'd be up for writing a guest post let me know. I'm leaving the topics open so you have plenty of freedom to choose what you feel you should share. If I am in direct disagreement or your post is offensive I will not publish it, just so you know. I do have a sort of quality control here.

Share the news! If you have a friend willing to write or who wants to get their work "out there" send them my way. Blog about it to share the news. Put it on Facebook! You don't have to have a blog to guest post... just the desire to write and share something. You also don't have to be a follower of mine, but I hope you would become one. And depending on the response for this I may ask some people to guest post more than once!

Please contact me by leaving a comment and include someway of contacting you back. Once I've gotten back to you, feel free to start preparing your post. I need all posts submitted to me by e-mail no later than April 28, 2012. I will let you know when your post is scheduled to be published. These posts will take place between May and June of this year.

And I think that's all! Thanks!



  1. Hi Sierra! Long-time follower, now de-lurking! I'd love to be a guest blogger during this transitional time for you! I have two boys and I can write on anything from Pinterest to snacks to crafts to kids to family to marriage to LIFE! haha!

    I'm open and can think of topic ideas!


    1. I'm having issues with blogger again, lol. Anyway, I would love to be a guest blogger. :)