Thursday, March 22, 2012

7 years

Monday was Ryan and I's 7th wedding anniversary.

We made it to the "hump" I've heard about. Yay!

In the end our anniversary turned out alright. Hubby sent me a dozen beautiful red roses. Later we dropped off the kids with friends (hooray for free babysitters) and then went to dinner at a restaurant on Nob Hill I'd heard about and wanted to try out.

Turns out the food was just okay. Ryan got the chicken fettuccine and I got the veal and spaghetti noodles. Not a fan of the white wine sauce the noodles were in so that made me sad, but the veal was good.

A fun part was looking out the window and seeing the daffodils blooming! Spring has arrived!

It was good to sit in a quiet area (who knew restaurants are nearly empty on Monday nights?!). We were able to talk about our upcoming move and discuss what things are going on between then and now. Also? We chatted about the rental homes we've been looking at online. And of course we talked about us!

Simple and sweet. Happy Anniversary to us! Here's to many, many more!


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