Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Who will be blamed?

I truly enjoy staying home with my kids. Despite frustrations that come with having small children with you all day, everyday there is a lot to be entertained by.

Alanna is in a stage where she is obsessed with princesses. Rapunzel from "Tangled" to be exact. We watch the movie AT LEAST twice a day... I've decided she will either be Rapunzel for Halloween or have a Tangled theme birthday party ----- or both.

Something else Alanna seems to be obsessed with is books. She takes after her mommy in that. I'll go into her room after naptime and there are books EVERYWHERE. She has them all over the floor by her bed, on her bed, under her pillow... even behind the door. During the day she will bring me books off and on. A lot of the time I will randomly find her sitting in the hallway or in the middle of the floor flipping through a book and "reading" to herself out-loud. I hope she keeps her love of books and reading as she gets older.

One of Alanna's new "skills" is unclothing herself, often. I will walk in on her during or after naptime and find that she has completely stripped down and is completely nekked. Shocking! Other times she will have random clothes on incorrectly. I'm not sure what it is she's trying to do. She's like the Houdini of clothing escape.

We have started the potty training with Alanna. I'll be honest, I'm not gong hardcore right now. But yesterday she demanded to wear her big girl panties (thick training pants) and kept them dry! Twice that day she came and told me she had to go "pee pee" then lead me to the bathroom where she quickly de-pants herself and sat down on her little potty to go. And she went!

I'm not sure when I will make the switch to her wearing underwear all day instead of pull-ups... but I'm not in a hurry yet. She is doing well with her potty training as it is.

And not to be left out -- Will is doing new things as well. I am now making him dress himself in the morning for school. I'll lay out his clothes and get him started with his underwear and he does the rest. Today he did it nearly perfectly, only with his shirt on backwards. He's been able to do this for sometime, but I never really let him.

Will's also learning to place blame. Incorrectly. If something happens or is lost or anything along those lines Will immediately claims, "Lana did it!" Doesn't matter if she did or not. Doesn't matter if I saw him do it. He will tell me that his little sister did it.

He accidentally pooped his pants and told me, "Lana did it." I didn't believe him.

I explained to him that he has to take responsibility for what he has done. Stop blaming other people. When you say something that isn't true that is lying and Jesus doesn't like lying. I'm not sure he understood that because he now expanded his blame circle.

He hurt his finger when I saw that he hit it on a wall while running by. He then told me, "Daddy did it." He took off his shirt and when I asked him what happened he told me, "Puppy did it."
I overheard him telling Ryan that "Mommy did it" though I'm not sure what I was being blamed for.

I hope he doesn't actually hurt himself by bonking his head on the wall and getting a black eye 'cause I'm a bit afraid that he'll go to school and when asked he will tell the teacher, "Daddy did it!" and then we'll have an issue on our hands.

Ug. Can you imagine?!

So that's some of the things going on here. We have Will's EFMP meeting in the morning. Wish us luck!


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  1. How funny! He even blamed his sister for loading his pants!? There's some blackmail material for high school :)