Saturday, February 11, 2012

who does my husband look like?

Today I took the kids with me to Target. Apparently "Breaking Dawn" was just released on DVD and BlueRay so all the special displays were out.

I'm wandering through the store with Lana in the front of the cart and Will walking beside it. As we approach the area with the giant Twilight pictures, Lana points to Robert Pattinson and LOUDLY exclaims, "DADDY!"

I could hear all the people snickering around us. I told her that is not daddy, but she insisted it was.

When we walked by later the same thing happened.

I told Ryan about this when I came home and he just chuckled. He remarked that it would have been awesome if she was pointing at the totally ripped Jacob character.

This whole thing reminded me of the time Ryan and I were climbing Mt. Fuji (this was before kids, a couple days after my 21st birthday). We had passed station 6 and were still trudging the switchbacks when these two Japanese guys stopped us and were certain Ryan was Tom Cruise. When we told them he wasn't they kept touching their faces and pointing at Ryan and I could decipher they were saying that he then looked a lot like Tom Cruise.

I don't see it.

I think my husband is one nice-looking guy... but he does not resemble Robert Pattinson nor does he look like Tom Cruise's twin.

Oh well. I guess I shouldn't read too far into Alanna's claim that Edward from Twilight looks like Daddy -- when we were coloring our pictures of Adam and Eve yesterday she said Eve was a princess and Adam was Daddy. Go figure.


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