Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Things to blog about

Just over a year ago we began going through our "Month of Hell"... and I'm so glad THAT'S behind us. We look back on it and are able to laugh... sort of.

What happened you ask?? Well, February started with a major freeze. Then, our pipes froze. And even worse... the pipes burst and we had the second worst damage on the base. It was awful. For the next month we lived in Temporary Lodging while repairs were made to our house. To add injury to the insult (see what I did there?) Ryan and I got severe food poisoning requiring a trip to the hospital and having friends watch our kids all day and overnight. Oh, and our van was having issues at the time as well. And to top it all off, a high school friend committed suicide.

I've never been so happy to leave a month behind!

This year's February is already turning out to be way better.

Anyway, since last year we were recovering from the worst "double barrel" experience we'd ever had, we did not do anything for Valentine's Day. I told Ryan that we MUST do something this time around. So... we now have reservations for a special lunch at Tucanos. Yes, I'm smiling as I write. I love that place. Ryan has class that evening so we might end up having a date night later on in the week.

Oh! We had to enroll in the Exception Family Member Program (EFMP) and now all of our paperwork has been completed. We're supposed to have an interview later this week. After everything has been completed and reviewed by our base it will be sent off to Wright-Patt for them to review. At that point we will know if Ryan actually can go to AFIT and our orders will be cut! And then we can actually begin our move. Yes... we are supposed to be moving in just over 3 months. Don't worry, that's still plenty of time to get things done.

In other news, I'm making plenty of progress in my Bookmark Break Challenge. As of right now I'm at 12 books completed since the first of the year. I've kind of been on a non-fiction kick lately and loving the stories I've read. Unfortunately, much of what I've been reading has to do with wars and military... so to counteract I'm trying to find emotional, uplifting, and womanly books and novels to balance things out.

Did you catch the Superbowl?? It was on at my house but, as usual, I couldn't care less about it. The only time I was actually interested in a Superbowl game was several years ago when the Seahawks were playing -- and they were robbed of their win by the ref! Not that I'm bitter or anything. Of course this year I did watch some of the commercials, pieces of the game, and the half-time show. Meh... I wasn't impressed by any of it.


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