Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Stucco bird

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Today I kept telling myself, "don't forget to blog about such-and-such since that would be something good to write about."

And you know what?? I'm pretty sure I forgot all of it.


I will share that some strange bird is hanging out on the side of my house, literally the side of my house, by my porch light next to my front door. The thing scared the freak out of me several days ago when I walked out the door to get the mail and it took off *loudly* above my head.

Yes, I screamed.

I didn't think much about the occurrence other than there was bird poop below the light. Tonight when I headed out to get the mail the bird poop seemed "more" and so I looked up and there was that bird, cuddled up into itself, hanging onto the stucco. Of course, I took some pics with my phone just to prove the oddity of it.

What is it doing there? There's a tree not 10 feet away it could make its home in!

Anybody else have this issue?



  1. How weird! I haven't ever heard of anything like that. Could it be building a nests?

    1. Sherry had a bird build a nest and hatch some babies in the stucco right above her window in the fall of 2010 . . . maybe the bird is just scoping out your house for comfort levels, etc. You know, nesting. :)

  2. Wow, that is strange! I've never had this problem.

    Also, wanted to let you know that the 1 month update for the bookmark break challenge is up.