Monday, February 20, 2012

Potty Training Take 2

Potty training my little girl has been a drastically different experience than potty training my son.

She WANTS to go potty --- All. The. Time.

In fact, she is so incredibly desirous to sit on her little throne that she strips completely naked and tells me "go pee pee!"

Alanna is actually doing very well. She will stay dry in her big girl panties (if she keeps them on long enough) and if I leave the bathroom door open she happily takes herself after telling me she's gatta go.

Will was never the nudist so taking on the battle of making my daughter keep her clothes on has been interesting. The things I find myself saying have made me crack up. Most recently:

"We wear panties in this house! Good girls keep their panties on!"

I think that saying can have more than one meaning.

When I leave her with somebody I have to give the warning about her tendencies to become an exhibitionist. It is humorous mostly, but I'm doing well in curbing the behavior.

For now, we stick with onsies at nap time and, from now on, pajamas with the snaps over the zipper so she cannot escape her clothing. This morning Ryan had the unfortunate surprise of a pull-up with #2 she had removed. Probably not very pleasant.

Being a parent is full of strange things.


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  1. Parenthood is definitely ful of strange things . . .isn't it great though? I'm so glad that Alanna is doing so well for you! :)