Thursday, February 23, 2012

Going Space-A

My last few posts have been on family life so I decided to change things up a bit.

There is a page on Facebook for those who live on our base. Mostly we share information and lost dog posts and what not. Sometimes there is just WAAAAY too much drama and complaining so I don't get all that into it.

But other times we have some great resources! There's usually questions and suggestions about who to see for a PCM, dental care, where to get glasses, finding a good OB office, where are good places to shop... that sort of stuff. Recently somebody was asking about taking Space-A* travel.

I've flown Space-A a number of times, mostly to and from Japan. Here's the main rule: if you are stationed OCONUS** you can fly anywhere OCONUS without your sponsor or to the first stop in CONUS***, but if you are CONUS or flying within CONUS (even if you are stationed overseas) you must fly with your Active Duty sponsor at all times.

The poor woman thought she could fly anywhere without her spouse even if she was stationed stateside as long as she had a military ID. Many of us tried to straighten out her confusion, even providing a link to THIS SITE. I'm not sure she believed us (hand smacks forehead). I hope she realizes this before she makes plans...

The thing is, our base practically has NOTHING available for flying Space-A. Most of the time planes come here for training then head back to their base.

I'd love to be stationed somewhere that we had more opportunities for Space-A Travel. Then again, I discovered the other day that when we move to Ohio we're about 8 hours away from Washington D.C. and about 10 hours drive from New York City.... oh, and there's a lot more around (Pittsburgh, Louisville, Lexington, Roanoke). Ryan and I have never been over there --- except when Ryan went to Niagara Falls and that general area with the girlfriend he had before he met me.

Anyway, very excited to take on these new places!

* Space-A = Space Available: flying on U.S. military aircraft on a scheduled flight when there is space open and the mission allows passengers aboard. Also known as "catching a hop."
** OCONUS = Outside the Continental United States
*** CONUS = Continental United States


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