Monday, January 9, 2012

Wheel chairs vs. Bikes

Just got back from the Focus Conference at Copper Pointe Church. That is not my home church but an outstanding place to go if you happen to be in the city. It isn't necessarily our "style" of church for regular worship, but it can give quite a punch to outreaches and conferences and such. Wonderful job!

The speakers I was able to hear were amazing. I'm so thankful my friend Angel reminded me it was happening this weekend + Monday.

In other news, I'm sort of holding my breath on some stuff for Ryan. He's been accepted to AFIT and we're mentally preparing to go, getting documents in place, and hope to be physically preparing soon. Unfortunately, the deployment slot he was lined up for hasn't been pulled yet. There's a possibility that the Air Force will still send him to the far off desert, screwing his AFIT slot and, very possibly, completely messing up his future and career. I'm praying that all things work out well and I know God will take care of us. It's just frustrating because one higher-up has to do something fairly simple and all will be put right.

Anyways... what else is going on...

Will's feeding therapist was disappointed to see the steps back he has taken in his progress. It had been over a month since she had seen him and he did not do very well in his session today. Guess we have extra work there. He is making improvements at school though. It took him a few days to get back into the swing of things... but he's getting there.

And I should share that Will is now saying 3-word sentences. They are not clear and very few people understand him, but they are 3 words! He is also commenting on more things and situations in his surroundings and using more than 1 word to express that. It is fun to have him in the car and he points out the moon, motorcycles ("bites"), dogs ("pup-ee"), and tells me when Lana has fallen asleep ("Lana seep"). I'm am truly enjoying getting to know more of what is going on in that sharp little mind of his!

Lana is also increasing her vocabulary and speech. I really do think Will and her are both learning bits from each other. Right now Will is slightly ahead in his speech still, but Lana isn't too far behind. She doesn't have his comprehension and as much receptive language but she's age appropriate. When she tries to put two or more words together in a sentence to repeat she usually mixes up the words and sounds. This girl is so funny though --- her personality is loud! Right now she's really into Elmo. Her choice of movie is ALWAYS "Tangled." I picked her up from her class on Sunday and she was decked out in a knight's vest, a crown, royal robe and was carrying a broom. Like I said, she's hilarious!

Oh. So I wanted to share this:

With having to take Will to his different therapies we happen to be around a lot of people (mostly kids) who have special needs. Several of these children are in wheel chairs or have other devices to assist them. It has become normal for me to be in these environments and not feel awkward (that wasn't always the case). Will and Lana see these things all the time. Well, Will and Lana have decided that wheel chairs are bikes. Every time we see a person in a wheel chair, one or both kids will point out and happily exclaim "BIKE" and get louder until I comment that, yes, I do in fact see the wheel chair. I tell them it is a wheel chair and it helps people move around who need them. To their young minds they see bikes.

Not that long ago we were waiting for an appointment and Will goes up to the chair of a teenaged girl with cerebral palsy and starts petting her wheels. He was just so enthralled with them since they are much larger than what he has on his tricycle. The girl just laughed.

We're working on that --- wheel chairs are NOT bikes. At least it's a nice ice breaker...


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  1. I'm so glad that Will is coming along with his speech - that's awesome! I like the new set up too. I tried to post on your Year of Book post, but I couldn't . . . anyway. I like the new layout too. :D

    I'll be praying that everything goes smoothly for you guys with the PCS. I know how frustrating it is when there is one higher-up who just needs to do one thing . . .