Saturday, January 21, 2012

Oh wait... He's dead

Dreams are weird. They just are.

This morning instead of getting up "early" I decided to milk the slumber until it could not happen anymore.

Hence: strange remembered dreams.

I'm not going into detail but I will set you up that I was somehow selected to go through an old, run down amusement park and make suggestions for improvements that had just been purchased to be renovated by non other than Michael Jackson.

In my dream he was surrounded by his entourage and other than brief eye contact and an approving nod from him there was no interaction. He seemed very thin and fairly weak.

The dream goes on and weird stuff happens. You know what dream world is like.

Anyway, I eventually wake up and shake off the images, strange as they were.

Hours later I'm cleaning up the living room and the realization hits: Wait! Michael Jackson is dead and has been dead for a couple years now! What the heck??

No idea how he ended up in my subconscious.

What about you? Ever had strange dreams that leave you turning them over in you mind hours and days later?

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