Thursday, January 19, 2012

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Days are flying by and I forget that I should post about what's been going on.

Some good news: Ryan has been officially taken off the deployment he was scheduled for! Whoot! Paperwork came down and now we're that much closer to leaving for AFIT.

Some some-what annoying news: We have to enroll in the EFMP (Exception Family Member Program) since Will is considered "special needs"... so we've been working through the BIG stack of paperwork to have that over and done with. The doctor appointment one is completed, the dentist one will be completed (hopefully) tomorrow, and we still have a couple more to work though. It's not very fun. We did hear that our new city has wonderful services and offers more than Albuquerque, so that's good. Oh, and at the doctor appointment this week I learned some helpful information that can get William at least an hour of private speech therapy covered by insurance... let's see if I can work it out!


I've been sick... AGAIN! I don't get sick like this, or really very often, and it's driving me nuts. I'm not sure what happened but I woke up at 3 am Tuesday morning and puked my guts out. I then spent the rest of Tuesday feeling incredibly nauseous, weak, wanting to sleep all the time, and dealing with diarrhea. The only thing I could think of was that I had made eggs for dinner and while the rest of the family enjoys theirs scrambled, I prefer mine over-easy. Perhaps I didn't cook it thoroughly enough?? Wednesday morning I wake up feeling perfectly fine... but by Wednesday late afternoon I felt crummy. I had stomach pains and gas cramps. As the night progressed they got worse.

Let me just say that "passing gas" is a beautiful thing when you are so full that you feel like your insides are going to explode. Today I've been better but still not feeling great.

Been taking Pepto Bismal and it does seem to help, but not completely.

And I've taken 2 pregnancy tests in the past week and both are negative so I'm NOT pregnant! And no, we are not trying.

Moving on:

Ryan contacted base housing in Ohio today to find out about what we qualify for and attempt to get on the list. We've decided that we can hear the stories from people we know who've been stationed there about the housing, but it is best for us to see it for ourselves and make up our own minds. There was some appealing news (like AFIT students getting some nice incentives to sign a 2-year lease) but we'll just have to wait until we see what the houses are like.

And I think that's about all I have to share for the night. I have 2 more book reviews to do soon and a very probable book giveaway! Keep checking back!


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  1. Oh, so sorry you weren't feeling well - glad it went away! Being sick is the WORST.