Friday, December 9, 2011

Worst Bad Mommy Moment to Date

I needed to blog about this since I'm still sort of reeling from the experience.

I locked my kids and the dog in my running vehicle.

Yes, yes I did.


Usually I park in front of the pre-school while Lana and I wait for Will's class to walk out to the bus. I meet him once they leave the gated area. From there I put him in his carseat, buckle him in, hop back in the driver's seat and head on home.

Today it started out right. We parked. I still have the car running to keep the inside warm since it is in the mid-30s. Lana is happily drinking her juice while completely strapped in her carseat and the dog is looking out the front passenger window at all the people and kids loading the bus.

Will's class comes into view. I hop out of the car (unlocking all doors like I always do) and partially close the door so the dog can't jump out. I ask the teacher how Will's day went and hold Will's hand as we cross the single parking space between the sidewalk and my car door.

Then there's a change. The teacher assistant stops me as I'm putting Will in the car to ask me about fixing a ripped seam on a purse. She says she'll bring it for me to look at on Monday. I agree. While we're talking Will gets into the front passenger seat and begins messing with the visor mirror and unbeknownst to me -- LOCKS ALL THE DOORS!

We say goodbye as I climb into the car to grab Will and put him in his carseat. I firmly buckle him in and shut the door.

I then try to open my door -- LOCKED. His door -- LOCKED. I look through the window and see both other doors are locked as well. I tap on the window and see if Will can reach his lock. Of course not, he's totally strapped in his carseat and cannot reach. He doesn't know how to unbuckle himself either.

The other preschool teachers see what is happening and rush over to help. Nobody has a wire hanger. My phone is locked in the car along with my keys (still in the ignition). Will's teacher calls the school maintenance to see if they can help. Another teacher tries to reach Ryan on his cell phone, to no avail. As we all stand there wondering what to do, another teacher offers the idea of calling the ABQ Police non-emergency line. Since children are locked in a car they would probably respond quickly. I agree.

I get on the line and tell them what happened, give them the description of my van, my physical description, and our location. She asks about how the kids are and I tell her they are fine. They're just sitting in their seats, drinking their juice, and probably wondering what the heck is taking so long. Then Lana starts crying. I mention this to one of the teachers and the emergency lady on the phone starts asking what happened and why she's crying. Alanna had drank all her juice and wanted more.

Oddly enough I'm not completely freaking out through all of this. Yes, I'm concerned, but at least it happened in a safe area with plenty of people to help. The inside of the car is toasty warm so I'm not afraid of them getting cold. I've got enough gas to keep the car running for quite some time.

Soon enough the cop arrives. I briefly explain what happened again and he looks through the windows.

"Oh, you've got a dog in there too."
"Yeah. Don't worry, she's friendly." (Was this information necessary??)

He's happy to see that my driver's door is not completely shut so he easily puts the wedge in there and is able to pop the lock real quick.

I immediately unlock all the doors and check on my babies.

Of course, they're fine. Completely unphased. Thank God!

I thank the cop repeatedly, say goodbye to Will's teacher who waited with me, and happily climb back in the driver's seat and head on home.

On the drive I still can't get a hold of Ryan so I call my sister so I can tell SOMEBODY what happened.

Before we get home, Alanna has completely passed out in her seat. Apparently the ordeal was exhausting for her.

I was always afraid something like this would happen... we all survived okay though. I hope I never experience it again!



  1. I'm so glad you were able to get help fast! You're not a bad mom at all - stuff like this happens. I'm glad everyone was okay. :)

  2. Been there done that!!! It's so scary! My incident was in Florida. On like a 90 degree day. Went for lunch with a friend. Put the kids in the truck. Had to get back out to chat one last time and my arm hit the lock. Keys were on the seat, so the vehicle wasn't running. Phone and purse too. Had to run into Panera to get the local cops number because my phone is an Iowa number. Two cop cars, a firetruck and a locksmith later my kids are free. Thankfully, because the kids were in the car it was free. I was so shaken! But accidents happen. You are a GOOD mom!!! And your kids will have a great story to hear later on!