Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Christmas Season Festivities

I am DETERMINED! I don't care if it's after midnight... I'm going to blog, dangit!

So, it's Christmas time and this is turning out to be a fabulous year for the festivities! Our tree is up, stockings hung, Christmas Village set up, even garland and bows are gracing strategic places around the living room.

This year we started a new tradition. The Elf on the Shelf. Our kids have named him Nini and they are so excited every morning to search out and find him. I believe for the first few years he will be well behaved and once the kiddos are older he will become more mischievous when he returns from the North Pole each morning. I can't wait!

Speaking of the Elf on the Shelf... we have the movie. AND... it's the current favorite for the little ones. I can't tell you how many times a day we watch it (70 bajillion), but let me just say it's a lot. "Extravagantalorius" is stuck in my head all the freakin time! help me

The exterior of our home would have been decorated but a major cold front moved into Albuquerque dumping snow and single digit temperatures so it's too cold to be standing out there hanging lights with numb fingers. It can wait.

And with this cold weather we are taking NO CHANCES of our pipes freezing again. Remember what happened last time?? And all the damage?? Ug... I'm not doing that again. So we are leaving all water running pretty much all day long. No, I do not feel wasteful. You go live in temporary lodging for a month because your house got flooded and tell me again to feel guilty about running water!

This year I am behind in my usual work. By this time I usually have our Christmas mail-out done, printed and working on addressing and mailing out. This year I haven't even gotten family or Santa pictures taken yet. I do have a VERY rough draft of our yearly letter though. Between pre-school, therapies, appointments, rehearsals, and other social activities I'm a part of, I don't spend much time on a computer. I'm hoping to go to the River of Lights at the BioPark soon and maybe we can get a few good pics to include. And I'm also hoping this week to stop by the mall real quick to get the kids' photo with Santa. Ug! I also need to schedule an appointment SOMEWHERE to get family photos done. Goodness gracious!

I don't even want to talk about Christmas Shopping.

Tomorrow is the Christmas Party for PWOC. Our normal Worship Leader will not be able to make it so I have taken her place to lead everyone in the carols. I'm no soprano so I hope they enjoy my falsetto for a couple of the songs. These social times are so much fun for me! Many of my friends did not do the same study as me this session so I haven't spent as much time with them as I have in the past. Some of these women are absolutely amazing -- I'm so happy to know them.

I am looking forward to flying home for Christmas this year. I cannot express to you my joy in going home after a year of being away! Not excited about the rain and the grey sky... but that's what the Pacific Northwest has to offer.

Eventually I hope to catch up on the topics I mentioned in my last post. But that will come later. Yeah, for New Year's maybe I'll blog about Thanksgiving. Haha.

Oh, soon and very soon I have an update to share about an important thing happening in our life. No, it's not a baby.


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  1. Your house is beautiful decorated! I finally got some [two] Christmas decorations out and put up. I'm feeling more festive. :) I decided to cut out all the stress of shopping this year and I bought pretty much everything online. I have to say it feels great! :) I am really behind in Christmas cards too. And pictures. I have still have to take some too. Oh well. It still beats the year I was still shopping on Christmas morning while everyone waited to open presents until I got back . . . yeah . . . good times.