Wednesday, November 23, 2011

still to be known...

My brother is supposed to be driving down this afternoon/evening to spend Thanksgiving with me.

I'm excited!

I got the room ready for him and have started my baking. Still working on some cleaning and finished almost all of the laundry... though it keeps piling up again.


We're still waiting to hear back on AFIT. The list was posted today but Ryan received an e-mail that they are waiting on some other stuff (out of his control) before they let a bunch of people know for sure if they are accepted and where... and that is why they are not on the list.

I'm frustrated. I was looking forward to knowing SOMETHING!

Oh well. Right now, the way I look at it is if Ryan does get accepted to AFIT he could end up deploying VERY soon... or not at all. If he does not get accepted then I know the time frame of his deployment and am satisfied with that much information for now.

Hurry up and wait! Hurry up and wait! === Darn you military motto!!!


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  1. Being a part of the military is definitely a lesson in patience! I do feel your pain . . . hopefully you'll know before Christmas.