Monday, November 7, 2011

More on the "D" word... and the kids

Still no definitive news yet on Ryan deploying.

But now there's more things in the mix.

Like... Ryan possibly getting selected for the 8-week Squadron Officer School in residence. Most likely to take place in January.

And then there's also the possibility that if he does deploy there could be training in the months leading up to that deployment so he could be gone then too.

*sigh* everything is out of my hands so I can't be concerned about it. We'll take it as it comes.


I leave in a few days for California and DISNEYLAND! I'm looking forward to it... though it will be the longest I've been away from my little ones. I'm trying to plan ahead and make things as easy as possible for Ryan while I'm gone. You know -- freezing dinners and picking out clothes for church on Sunday. I really want him to enjoy this special Daddy time with Will and Lana.

Not too much else going on. Therapies are going amazingly well. I do have a few phone calls and insurance talk to take on so that Will can actually get Speech Therapy through Hippotherapy, not just Occupational Therapy. Once the doctor sends over details on his medical record it should be approved. The letter from insurance basically said that the approval was pending because they did not have enough evidence in his medical records that would require Speech Therapy. Yeah, I laughed too.

Alanna is going through a huge burst of language right now. She still repeats everything and will hold up or point at things saying "vis?" or "vat?" wanting to know the names of items. It cracks me up. We now have her sleeping in her crib in Will's room instead of the pack n' play in the sewing room. She's beginning to try climbing out so we figured it was best to get her accustomed to sleeping in that room so her transition to the toddler bed is easier. She has actually taken to it quite well.

And now time for pics and videos. Oh yeah. We did go to McCall's Pumpkin Patch before Halloween, but (and this seriously never happens!) I forgot my camera AND my phone. I felt so naked! My friend allowed me to use her camera while we were there but I haven't gone over to get those photos yet.

Alanna helping mommy carve pumpkins

Will checking out the work

Will, Ryan and Maya Trick-or-Treating

Me and Lana Trick-or-Treating

Posing after Pre-School... and yes, Alanna is wearing her pink cowgirl boots. She demanded.
Playing with the bubble bath

making faces

I think they were watching Elmo... one of the few things Will actually watches on tv. He usually wants to listen to music and dance around the living room.
If you remember THIS POST... this is Will's finger in a bandaid the day it happened.

This is his poor finger 25 hours later.

and here it is about a week later. As of today (just over 2 weeks later) the scab on the side of the finger has fallen off. The nail is still very purple but you can see the area that was not hurt. Eventually we expect the nail to fall off. But he is healing nicely.
And now for something pretty --- there was a gorgeous sunset the other night. I had to take a couple photos (posted SOOC):

And to end I leave you with some videos of my kids... who make me laugh everyday.

You hear Will whining because he wants to get Ryan's soap to use for bath time.

This is right after breakfast or lunch when we are just about all done and the kids were counting with Ryan. Of course, Will decides that he doesn't want to participate in the counting... 


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