Thursday, November 3, 2011

Military's "D" word

So today it really happened.

Hubby and I sat down and the big, military "D" word came up.

Yup, deployment.

There are several options floating around and unfortunately none of them sound very good. Hey, there's even the possibility that hubby and my brother will get to meet up in the sandbox next year. But who knows. As of this moment it does look like he will be home for Christmas... this morning it wasn't so promising.

Oh, and there's also a chance that he will completely get pulled off any deployment up to a certain point if he gets accepted into AFIT (which we should hear within a few weeks).

How am I handling it? I'd say pretty well. I knew when I was going to marry a military man that this was likely to happen. And several months ago I even told Ryan that I had a feeling his number was up and he'd be sent off somewhere. To be honest, I'll be sad to have him gone but I'm not distraught.

Yes, my husband is a huge part of my life, but he's not my entire life. Between my kids, therapies, church, bible study, and friends I have a lot to keep me busy. Admittedly, though, I guess a big bed to myself will get lonely.

For now I get to just wait and see what happens. That can be hard for a planner, but for some reason I'm really at peace about all of this. Whatever happens, we will be fine.



  1. Wow, that's a lot of options up in the air! Deployment (where & when) or AFIT. I hope everything works out for the best ... and that you all get to know soon.

  2. I think the Lord uses the military to teach us planner-people to rely on Him more. :) Lord-willing Ryan won't have to deploy

  3. You sound remarkably strong- which is an asset to your husband, children, and yourself! I'm glad you are calm when you are uncertain of the future!