Thursday, October 20, 2011

What's been keeping me busy

It's been about a week since I've done a real post.

Somewhat intentional... but I've been busy!

At the end of last week (Thursday) William was sick. He was running a fever and major runny nose, lethargic, all that jazz. He missed Hippotherapy and had to stay home from school Friday. Saturday he seemed pretty much back to normal so Ryan and I took a date night. I was able to use my free steak card for Outback and then we saw "Courageous" at our favorite theater.

Wow. That movie was amazing. I has you in tears, then belly laughing and back to tears all in the same scene. It was very well done and I'm happy I was able to see it with hubby, even if the theater was packed and we ended up sitting all the way in the back corner and he had some distracting teens sitting by him.

Sunday night it seemed Will was possibly getting sick again with the gagging and coughing in the night so I kept him home again on Monday... but he was fine. In fact, that little turkey took an entire bottle of baby powder and spread it all over his room. I. Was. NOT. Happy.

As I was vacuuming the powder, the vacuum gave up. When Ryan came home I had him mess with it. We cleaned the filter and washed out all the main parts to this few months old vacuum and it worked fine so I finished my cleaning.

On Tuesday I hosted a successful Scentsy party. I had a grand time baking and preparing! When the ladies showed up I had a wonderful time chatting and eating and smelling some lovelies with them. I will say that I have made some amazing friends here at Kirtland!

Oh! And one of the special treats I made for the party was some pumpkin-cranberry muffins! Now, I am not a pumpkin-type person. Usually I avoid pumpkin things (except maybe pumpkin spice lattes from Starbucks). Last year when we went home for Christmas we visited Ryan's aunt up in Port Townsend. She had made these muffins and offered them to us as I explained I didn't like pumpkin, but obliged in consuming one... I'm so glad I did! They are YUMMY! And then, Will began eating some as well. This was back during a time when Will wasn't eating anything but waffles.

Anyway, they were a hit at the party.

The other thing that has been keeping me busy is my sewing. Today I finished Alanna's Halloween costume. She's going to be a little brown bear with a white tummy and purple bow on the head. It's adorable on her, though slightly big. I am hoping to make Will's costume as well, though I'm not exactly sure what it will be yet, but I have other projects in front of that. I'm making 2 costumes for a lady on base. I was going to start on them today but something came up...

As I'm typing this I recently returned from a trip to Urgent Care with William. I had been cleaning out the van and he was chilling in the front seat playing with the dog. Ryan then comes home, parks beside us and then I close the garage. It was time to load up and head on out to Hippotherapy. Will was still in his rubber boots from playing outside and I was in house slippers so I quickly ran in the house to grab our shoes. Ryan had also left the garage. As I'm heading down the hall we hear screaming. Both of us bolt to the garage and Ryan gets to Will first as I'm entering the laundry room. Blood all over his hands.

We rush to the bathroom where Ryan says it's coming from his wrist but I can obviously see it is not. It was his finger. After washing it off while the blood was still pouring out we can't really make out how bad his injury is. Of course he's crying the whole time, poor boy. He had smashed the top of his ring finger on his left hand between Ryan's car door and my car door when he tried to get in "daddy's car".

What I wanted to do was to just bandage up his finger, keep it clean, and watch it... but continue on out to his therapy. Ryan wanted us to take him to Urgent Care. I obliged since it was true we weren't sure if his nail was broken off or if he needed stitches or what.

I called Hippotherapy and explained that we would not be there (again), Ryan got TriCare approval for Urgent Care and stayed home with the sleeping Alanna. He had to study for a test this evening which is why he was home at that hour of the day.

Thankfully it was a fairly short wait at the hospital! Only one person in front of us. When we finally get to the back they have me soak Will's finger to clean it off. The doc looks and it and says the nail is still attached but will likely fall off once his nail grows out more. It is already a nasty purple-black color underneath. The cut along the fatty part of the side of his finger was not small, but not large enough or deep enough to warrant stitches. Then they sent us off to radiology for an x-ray of his finger.

Will took it all like a champ and would just say "owie" when somebody touched or moved his finger in a way he didn't like it. And he also didn't like band-aids being put on or removed and would somewhat fight that. Once they were on or off he was fine though.

The doc said his x-rays looked fine and sent us home with the warning to watch the wound, keep it clean and bandaged, give Tylenol for the pain. Because of the type of injury, blood would likely continue to seep out from beneath his finger nail for several days. Once we got home I received a phone call from the doc that the radiologist actually looked more closely at Will's x-rays and thinks there is a very small fracture near the tip of the finger. This can't be treated so there was no reason to return. But they said his finger will be exceptionally sore and tender while it heals.

I feel awful for him. He obviously is baby-ing that hand and avoids using that finger at all costs. When resting you can see him holding his wrist in front of his chest -- maybe it helps with the throbbing.

I'm now waiting for Ryan to get home so I can show him Will's finger again, re-dress it and then send him to bed.

Alright, so that's what has been keeping me busy lately. What about you?


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  1. Awww poor Will! That sounds horrible and I hope that his finger heals soon so the pain will stop! Great job on your Scentsy party! Sounds like you had a great time :)