Friday, October 21, 2011

Seeing Thunderbirds

I was glancing through my blog posts and realized I never shared about seeing the Thunderbirds perform!

There was an Air Show going on at the beginning of October. I really wanted to go! The Air Force Thunderbirds were going to perform and I'd never seen them*. I mean, as I was growing up in California my dad was stationed at San Diego and we'd watch the Blue Angels practice over our house all the time. But the Blue Angels are Navy and I wanted to support my Air Force.

The actual "Air Show" started early in the day but we went to church, came home for lunch and then Lana took a nap. I had decided I would just take Will and Ryan could stay with the sleeping Alanna since he'd already seen the Thunderbirds several times.

In the end Alanna woke up so Ryan decided we would all go.

After parking, riding the bus, standing in line and walking all the way to the static displays it wasn't long before the show started. I thought it was fun. Alanna did not like how loud they were and would bury her head in Ryan's chest as he'd cover her ears. Will seemed to enjoy them when he could see them, though the sun was in a bad spot and made it difficult to see the aerial demonstrations. The sun was beating down so we parked ourslves in the shaded area behind a dumpster (that did NOT smell!!) to watch.

Since we came so late we basically missed all the other things that were going on at the Air Show. The plane displays, talking with the pilots, the children's center, all that other fun stuff... food. Oh well. I'm sure we'll have plenty of additional opportunities to see the Thunderbirds and other Air Shows.

Now I'll show some pics. I did some minor editing (zooming in) but other than that they are SOOC.

since Alanna was being held, Will decided to claim the stroller and hydrate... with Lana's juice.

She was holding on to him SO tight when the planes came by

the wind was blowing a bit so ignore the flyaway hair

*That statement is only partly true. The day before the Air Show I heard loud planes overhead. Since we live near an airport that wasn't uncommon. But they sounded like jets! So I run to the back door and see the Thunderbirds practicing over our house! I showed Alanna and she would point and laugh. Reminded me of when I was little...


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