Monday, October 10, 2011

Balloon Fiesta 2011 Part 2

You guys thought I forgot, huh!

I have some time so I thought I'd share about what actually happened for Balloon Fiesta and then I'll just post pictures without captions because for some reason blogger has been SUPER S-L-O-W when doing pictures on the desktop.

Anyway... I was up at 3:30 and got myself ready. I had laid the kids' clothes out the night before and mostly loaded the van up already. I dressed Will in bed and then went to get Alanna. Of course she woke up. So I finished getting her ready & loaded in the car. When I loaded Will in the car he woke up. Neither of them slept the rest of the time. (That's a lie... Alanna passed out shortly before leaving the Balloon Fiesta Park).

As I said before, Ryan got home late and there was no way I'd get a positive response if I woke him and requested him to join us. So I let him sleep.

We met up with friends at the church and then loaded up the bus. It looks like a prison bus by the way. There are no markings on it to show people otherwise.

After brief traffic we found great parking and headed on in. The Heyer family stayed with me and helped with the kids. I decided with the crowds it was best to just bring the single stroller and allow one child to either walk or be carried... and Will definitely took advantage of the being carried option.

As we walked in, the Dawn Patrol was preparing to take off. It was very cool to see he very first balloons on the very first day of Balloon Fiesta ascend to the skies!

Once we found our spot to watch from William decided he had to go pee -- IMMEDIATELY! One of the Heyer girls also needed to use the restroom. So I trek across that giant field with two kids in tow and discover that the porta potties are further down and waaaaaay over from where I was. As we go along Will is just dancing and prancing and holding himself. I was so thankful I put him in a pull-up just for this reason.

We find the bathrooms and they are LINED! It was probably close to a 10 minute wait. I knew Will wouldn't last. I'm frantically looking around while standing in line and I know it's obvious to onlookers that my little guy didn't have much time. And what do I see??? Tegan's husband, Mike, at the front of our line! I got his attention and, thankfully, he took Will to go potty.

After all business was over we headed back to our group.

Balloon Fiesta is just fun. It was a beautiful day and not very cold. We watched as the balloons around us were unfurled along the ground, fanned open and then after becoming large enough the flame is introduced and it truly rises from the ground. The equipment is actually quite loud but fascinating. After getting to go ahead from the referees (or whatever they're called) they float away. Then we'd watch another row take off... then another... and another...

The Albuquerque Box was only in affect at the very beginning so as the morning wore on the balloons would just rise up and then immediately be heading north. It is still a beautiful sight though. This year they set a new world record on that morning with 345 Hot Air Balloons launched in 1 hour. That's pretty cool!

Alanna thought those balloons rising up in the sky was the most interesting thing. Will was a bit more grumpy and just watched without much emotion... but I could see him truly following with his eyes the path of the balloons and intently looking at how the balloons were put together. I believe they had a great time. After watching nearly all the balloons ascend we headed back to the bus. On the way we saw some horses so of course we had to stop so Will could check them out. That boy loves horses.

We loaded up the bus, returned to church and I brought the kids home to a happy husband. He was great taking over with the kids when I really needed to nap. They did nap too... but we weren't all on the same schedule that day.

It ended up being a good thing we attended on that day. Most of the week was nasty weather (like, strangely nasty!) and several days there was no Mass Ascension. It would have been nice to go on another night to see a Glodeo and fireworks, but it just wasn't in the cards this year for us. Oh well. I'm just happy we've had the opportunity to live here and see this wonderful occurance.

Now for the pics. There could be repeats from the other post, but you can just deal with it.

And that was our Balloon Fiesta 2011.


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  1. I'm so glad you got to go to a Mass Ascension! :) (And a bit envious . . .) It looks like it was a lot of fun! I'm also really glad that Mike was there to the rescue! :)