Wednesday, September 14, 2011

A Military Spouse

There's something that is a HUGE part of my life but realize I don't really talk about it all that much... other than a few blog hops and random posts.

I am a military spouse. And I love it.

Since I grew up military that's what I knew. During my junior year of High School I began talking with an Air Force recruiter at school and thinking of enlisting. I decided I wanted the military life. Then I learned about ROTC and that the college I liked had a detachment so I decided that was what I would do.

Things didn't work out as planned and instead of completing my study and commissioning, I married my flight commander. I often like to joke about that though when we met and started dating he was NOT my flight commander, just a friend who was an upperclassman and also in the program.

It is true I don't really post about Ryan's job on here because I think it can be innappropriate. To be honest, I don't know all that goes on with his job but know that he does care about it and tries to better the squadron wherever he is. He is a very hard working and dedicated Airman.

With the position that Ryan is in it is rare for him to deploy so we have yet to encounter a deployment. That is very rare for a military spouse to say. One time he was going to go but since we weren't on station long enough they had to pull him off and send somebody else. Living here there's still possibility for deployment and that window is coming up fast! I don't know if Ryan will get called to go but to be honest I'm okay with either scenario. I know it will be good for his career if he is selected even if the distance and time apart will suck.

When it comes to TDY's the longest we've had to be apart is, I believe, 2 months. That's not bad at all.

I've heard many complaints about military wives. At our first base together I was frustrated to encounter many of the Officer Wives fitting the bad stereotypical description: snobby, backbiting, thinking they wear their husband's rank... you know what I mean. Thankfully, many moved away and I was able to meet some lovely ladies and build some wonderful relationships.

Yes, I'm an Officer's wife. But, I'm also an enlisted man's daughter. And on top of that, before meeting Ryan he used to be enlisted. To me I don't care what rank your husband happens to wear on his shoulder or arm because that is not you. I am willing to like and befriend you outside of the world of your husband's job. In fact, most of the friends I currently have here on base are enlisted wives. There's nothing wrong with that.

Let me share a story (I know, I'm already getting long winded). I was friends with a lovely young lady at our last base. She was COMPLETELY new to the military. We lived in the same building and came from the same place so we hit things off. Her husband happened to be a pilot. She told me she met somebody at the BX and they were chatting away and having a great time. After awhile the conversation turned and the lady asked my friend what her husband did. When she said he was a pilot the other woman said, "oh" smiled politely then abruptly ended the conversation and walked away.


I've never dealt with that. I also try to make a point NOT to mention my husband's rank or that he's an officer unless somebody asks or we've already got to know each other better.

It's unfortunate that some women can ruin the reputation of the title "Military Wife". Many of these ladies are strong, independent, friendly, supportive, and accepting. So far, living on Kirtland more often than not I'm finding the women who positively represent a military spouse and I'm thankful for that.

I don't know what our future will hold and if we'll stay in the Air Force or not. I hope we do since I love this life and I love the people I get to meet. Not everything is sunshine and daisies (fighting with TriCare anyone??) but I'll take the imperfectness of this lifestyle 'cause I want to support my husband and country.


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