Sunday, September 4, 2011

Killing Olympians

Just wanted to share:

We went to the Olympic Training Center in Colorado Springs. Very Cool! We all had a great time and I'd love to go back.

Anyway, I wasn't thinking straight when I packed the kids' snack --- it had peanut butter. Usually I'm more conscientious about that and won't bring peanut butter or any nut-type snack in a public place with lots of people near us since so many people have allergies. Oops.

Then we're touring INSIDE the buildings where our US Athletes train (men's gymnastics, volleyball, basketball, wrestling)... and my kiddos are trying to get to the peanut butter snacks!

All I could say was "no eating inside, only when we're outside!"

Know what I was thinking?

"Great, my kids are going to eat peanut butter in this room and accidentally drop something. Then one of our world class athletes will be in here and go into anaphylaxis over the peanut butter and die. Because of me we will kill an Olympian and the US Team will lose."

Over-reacting?? Maybe. But I also didn't want to get in trouble. :)

==Pictures of our trip to come later== 


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  1. That so funny! Seriously, I never thought abot eating peanut butter stuff in public but I guess that can be a hazard for some people.