Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Housework Motivation

I have been so lacking in my housework lately.

My FB friends already are aware of the laundry gnomes going on strike and after they unionized and nothing could be accomplished I'm thoroughly convinced I need to start all over and hire laundry elves.

If you're lost... don't worry. It's not that important.

I'm not sure what it is exactly but ever since I returned from Colorado it's like I have no motivation to get anything done. I missed several of my workouts, neglected fully picking up all the toys, don't want to even look at the grass in my back yard...

Some of you should understand how I'm feeling. I hope.

I've got a book review to post soon. Hopefully since I got some housework done today I'll be able to focus and have that written up this evening. I also need to sort through all the kids' clothes and shoes so I can get ones they've outgrown out of their drawers and into the storage bins. I swear, it seems both of my little ones decided to outgrow everything at the SAME TIME!

It's all good though. Overall I've been in high spirits, had a great dentist appointment, kept up with my new Bible Study, and been able to spend some quality times with friends.

What gets you motivated to do your housework when you just don't feel like it? (Besides getting a phone call that visiting family will be over in 20 minutes!)


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  1. Eh I understand where your coming from... my house needs vacuumed badly.... and instead ive been going on trail rides and cuddling with the kids :). What gets me motivated? Normally about once a month i go on a cleaning binge.... then I feel better.... I refuse to look at my backyard that not only needs to be mowed but all the toys need to be picked up :)