Tuesday, September 6, 2011

A few randoms

The kids and I made it safely back to Albuquerque. Unfortunately, I had to get coffee since I was really tired driving home. And of course, drinking caffeine anytime after noon means I will be up FOREVER!

Nearly midnight and I'm still not ready for sleep... and that's sad.

So I'm going to do a few randoms:

1. Thanks to Kristi who told me to check out the BX for baby dolls of different races. When I stopped by my bro's base and checked out their PX I found a lovely soft-bodied black baby doll. Alanna is in love with it and likes to carry it around, hug it, jabber to it, and cuddle it. So cute! So, thanks again Kristi!

2. Tomorrow my little boy has his first school pictures. It's the little milestones. Makes me want to cry.

3. Fudge is a dangerous thing! At the shop in Manitou they had a deal where you buy 1 pound and get a 1/2 pound free. So we jumped on the deal and picked out 6 different flavors. My brother didn't want me to leave it all with him so I took it home. I'm trying to ration that deliciousness out and eat very little, but that darn cherry and chocolate wouldn't leave me alone... so it's now gone.

4. I MUST update my Garmin. On this weekend trip it sent me to not 1, not 2, but 3 gas stations that did not exist. Let me tell you, that when your car says it has 9 miles until the tank is empty you really want your GPS to be accurate! Don't ask me why I waited that long to get gas... that's another story and I, again, blame it on my Garmin!

I hope you all had a great Labor Day weekend. I know I did!


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