Friday, September 2, 2011

Dolls of Color

I usually don't blog on Fridays 'cause I'm often posting to MilSpouse Friday Fill-In. This week I'm not participating and thought I'd actually write something! How 'bout that?!

I'm trying to form this post and hope it doesn't come out weird or offensive.

Here goes:

SO -- right now I'm on the search for a black soft-bodied baby doll for Alanna. You'd be surprised how difficult this is!

You may be thinking, "why are you looking for a black baby doll when you're baby is white?" but I have my reasons.

When I was a little girl all my barbies were the basic white/blonde barbies, but I had 1 barbie doll that was Asian looking and she was my favorite until I got a dark skinned barbie with brown hair -- then she was my favorite. Much later I received a black barbie doll and thought she was fabulous.

Also, nothing against white people (I am one myself) but I find people of different races to be so beautiful. To this day I think little black babies with their adorable curly hair are the cutest. Well, bi-racial babies are also to die for! Love them!

Random, but related, story here: While in college I had a friend. We were in a group talking about race and stuff and she mentioned that she never really fit in at school. She said the black kids didn't accept her 'cause they thought she acted white and white kids didn't accept her 'cause she wasn't white. She also didn't fit in with the mexicans or latinos. I asked her what she was and she said she was mixed black and white. My reply?

"Oh, I had no idea and really didn't care. I just thought you were a pretty color."

Not lying. I actually said that OUT. LOUD. She laughed and said thanks... nobody had ever said that to her before. I'm telling you, the girl was gorgeous. Just stunning. And has been married in the last year or so to one lucky guy.

Please don't take this the wrong way. I am not racist. I have numerous friends of different ethnic backgrounds and think all people should be treated based on their merits and skin color should never be a factor. That is how I was raised and am so thankful for that.

Anyway, I want Alanna to grow up thinking all people are beautiful and I do think playing with dolls of different races can help with that.

Yeeeeaaaah, I've been shopping around to find a baby doll of color. And did you know Cabbage Patch kids are like $35?!?! Umm... maybe for Christmas. While I was at Target with a friend of mine I was talking about my disappointment there were only white baby dolls when a lady overheard me. She told me that her niece is hispanic and is always sad that she cannot get a baby doll that looks at her. Wow. I never really realized how this could really be a problem. That's just crazy to me.

So if any of you know where I can find a black soft bodied baby doll let me know!


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  1. I got my daughter a hispanic colored baby doll at the BX. Have you tried there?