Sunday, September 18, 2011

Disappointments and looking forward

I've been in a strange mood lately when it comes to blogging. I just don't want to do it. I've got plenty to write about but have no motivation to type it out.

Right now my dear blogging friend Poe is in her hometown with her family on the East Coast. Her dad has a very aggressive cancer and other than a miracle by God he will be leaving this earth in the near future. I ache for her. This is such a sad time and I wish I could just give her a hug and cry with her. Please go visit her blog and send her some cyber love and real prayers.

For us life is going well. Will is talking a LOT and it is actually pretty clear and understandable. Love it. Lana is talking a bunch too. Her little personality just cracks me up. Months ago my mom bought some pink cow girl boots and now that she fits in them she wants to wear them everywhere and with everything.

At this time I'm a bit disappointed because I will not be attending the Women of Faith Conference in Denver like I planned. My friend who was going with me had to back out and since nobody else is going I don't want to be there sitting alone and pay all the gas on my own. Maybe some day I'll go to one of those conferences. BUT! I hope to go to a local Women's Conference held at a nearby church.

And it also looks like I'll be going to DISNEYLAND! Whoot! I was invited on a girl's weekend with my mom and sisters to go to the Happiest Place on Earth. No kids, no husbands -- just us. Well, the exchange student at my parents' house will be coming as well but she's a girl so it's okay. I am looking forward to November, that's for sure.

Finally, I've started building my inventory for that etsy shop that STILL hasn't opened. I have a few new things to add and I'm looking forward to eventually sharing that all with you.

Hope you are all doing alright.


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