Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Book Review: One Call Away by Brenda Warner

Several months ago I picked up the book First Things First by Kurt and Brenda Warner and found it wonderfully engaging. From there I realized who the guy was on “Dancing with the Stars” I had been rooting for in the year prior. When the opportunity arose to read Brenda Warner’s memoir One Call Away with Jennifer Schuchmann, I had to get it.

This was a beautiful read. Some of it seemed repetitive from the previous book, but life stories don’t really change. There was much more detail and emotion in this book. Brenda brings us through her life and the challenges and blessings she encountered along the way. We are taken through her childhood, where Brenda and her sister were raised by hard-working and dedicated parents. Then on through her time in the Marines where she marries, has a child who later suffers an unfortunate accident, gets pregnant again but then separates from her husband before the child is born. Soon after we see her and Kurt meet and watch how their relationship grew and blossomed. Life is not all wonderful and cozy when tragedy strikes and Brenda is suddenly an orphan.

Readers get to see her pick up the pieces, once again, rely on her faith and continue with her life. She marries Kurt. His football career begins to take off throwing Brenda into the world of fame, money, fans, loss of privacy, and public judgment. With their growing family (of ultimately seven children) she makes decisions that sometimes are not the wisest moves but you can see where her heart was at in making them. You also see the glowing moments where she is involved in the most beautiful acts of service.

I really did enjoy this book. Throughout the writing readers are able to see Brenda’s faith mature and how much it was a part of her entire life so far. I loved that she was so honest and candid about situations which allows any woman to have someplace to relate with Brenda on at least one level.  She is a strong woman, severely compassionate, dedicated wife and mother, and a true believer.

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