Tuesday, September 6, 2011

As promised...

Pictures from our Colorado Trip.

But First ====

Ryan wasn't able to go with us in the end. The week before we were to leave he was all happy that he was going to go with us. Then during the work week he was told he had to get certain training done that he was originally told he had much longer to do. Since he couldn't get those HOURS and HOURS of training done during the work week he had to do it over the long weekend. He was bummed.

I did enjoy the vacation though. We went to Garden of the Gods, Manitou, the Olympic Training Center, my brother's church (where I got to hear Gary Wilkerson speak -- he's the son of Teen Challenge founder David Wilkerson), Fort Carson, the Air Force Academy, and went to my first Zumba class at his gym. Fun times! We were pretty busy.

Overlook of Gaden of the Gods with the treeless Pike's Peak in the background

Mike was back there to keep them from falling off the ledge

see the climbers??

me and the kiddos

both wanted to hold his same hand so they each grabbed a finger -- he could have 8 more kids there! :)

jumping/scooting off a rock

Pike's Peak

Up on some rocks

he wanted to climb too but had to settle for sitting on some much lower down

One of the many natural "soda" springs in Manatou. I thought it tasted nasty!

Outside the Olympic Training Center

countdown in days to the summer and winter Olympics

My brother with our tour guide, Mike Prout - former #1 ranked para olympian swimmer (I think he's #5 right now). We chated with him for about 45 minutes after the tour since they hit it off.

later I realized I took no pictures inside the actual training rooms, only outside... I think THIS POST can explain why I was so distracted


the only pic I took of my brother's base since I was busy driving

the only pic I took at the Air Force Academy since a little girl wasn't behaving -- we didn't stay as long as I would have liked

Sister & Brother.
Yes, I really am that pale.

saying goodbye

By the end of the weekend I think Mike was ready to go back to his bachelor-hood. But I'm looking forward to seeing him again when we have the time.


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