Tuesday, August 9, 2011

What are you gonna be for Halloween?

Is it too early to be thinking about Halloween yet? I hope not. Right now I'm in the process of planning Halloween costumes. For the moment I'm thinking of making Alanna a teddy bear and William becoming Robin Hood. I'm also looking at colonial costumes for Ryan and I if I can get him on board.

Yes, I may be crazy... but I'm debating on the idea of offering my sewing servies to some other military people if they want handmade Halloween costumes... so I should get mine finished and out of the way first.

Oh, and I can't be too far off because the commissary already has Halloween candy out!


There's a reason I haven't blogged in the past several days... I had a full weekend. My friend Tegan had to be induced Friday so I had her kids all weekend. She should be blogging about the whole thing soon. I mean, she just had the baby so it's not like she'd have the story up right away! LOL

The two extra kids at the house kept me busy. They are well behaved and get along well with my little ones so it's not a big deal. What was a big deal was taking all 4 kids to the big park on base. Thankfully Ryan went with me and we were still running all over the place trying to keep track of them. God bless those families who have multiples! But Ryan did find a way to make everybody happy on the "infant" swings:

they were all full of smiles believe it or not...
I didn't post the pic with the faces since I didn't talk to Tegan about posting her kids' photo on here.

Bath time was equally as entertaning. I was going to split it up with my two and the other two but everybody was crying and stripping off their clothes so all 4 of them ended up in the bath together. Yeah, assembly line bathing:

Wash your hair, wash your hair, wash your hair, wash your hair... and rinse, and rinse, and rinse, and rinse.... now soap up, soap up, soap up, soap up... and rinse, and rinse, and rinse, and rinse...
you get the idea.

I will say that having more kids can make life easier though. It really helps me keep a schedule and stay more organized. Still working on convincing Ryan about that. At least we're in agreement with 1 more child in the future... but with the probable age gap between our current kids and the hopeful third child down the road, I'm still praying for 2 more so they can be close in age together and the third child won't feel left out. It might be different if we had three children all close in age though...

What do you guys think about that?



  1. It's not to early to think about Halloween costumes if you're making them! Having time is better than rushing:)

  2. I want more pics of my nephew and niece....and videos.

  3. I can't believe Halloween candy is already out! We haven't even started school yet. But its always nice to be prepared & have a plan :)