Monday, August 22, 2011

Weekend in Review -- now I'm tired!

Okay, I'm having issues.

For the life of me I CANNOT figure out how to reply to those of you lovely readers who leave me comments. I read every comment I receive and nerly every time I want to say something back --- but how in the heck do I do it?! Any of you other bloggy savvy readers let me know!

Moving on...

I had a pretty good weekend. Hubby passed his second SOS test (YAY) so he took a few days off from studying for his next SOS test as well as the GRE. In, sort of, celebration we went out to Tucano's for dinner. It was a plus that I had my birthday meal postcard so my food was free!

Afterwards, to help walk off the lethergy that comes with all that yummy food we wandered around Target. I found THIS BOOK "The Night Before Preschool" and just had to buy it. I've been talking with Will more and more about starting preschool. He went with me to enroll, but the classroom wasn't ready so we couldn't go look at it or meet his teacher. Just a few more days until it all begins.

Recently I heard rave reviews about a girl on base who does babysitting so we asked her over to meet and get to know her a bit. She seems like a good girl with her head on straight. In the future there's a good chance we'll be calling her. It's always good to have a list of available babysitters 'cause sometimes people have lives and can't watch the little ones.

Other things we did this weekend was spend a bit of time at Explora. William was not listening well so we did not stay very long. I'm so glad we have that membership pass because then I don't feel guilty if we're only there for an hour.

The base was also having "Doggie Palooza" at the nearby field. The kids and I (with Maya) mozied on over to check it out. We spent most of our time looking at the shelter dogs available for adoption. Maya hid in the bottom of the double stroller the WHOLE time. Lana would yell "daaaaa, daaaaaa!" and point at every dog present. Since most people brought their dogs with them there was a lot of pointing and Lana made quite a racket. William was upset that he could not get in the kennels or fenced area housing the rescue dogs and few kittens. I had them bring out a few young dogs that I was eyeing but decided against a puppy.

Then a woman brought over a beautiful large black dog about the size of a Golden Retriever. I think it was a shepherd mix or something. He had long, wavy hair, was well-mannered, about 5 years old, and came from a family with small children. He didn't care that Lana basically bear hugged him around he neck and then tried to ride him like a horse. Will also came over and hugged on him. I thought really hard about filling out some papers and bringing him home but thought Ryan might not be too happy (though later I found he wouldn't have been as mad as I thought). I debated on doubling our vet bills, having a dog that sheds in the house, buying more dog food, and big dog poop to pick up. I decided against it.

After time in the bouncy castle we headed back home.


In a recent post I shared a ton of videos and pictures of the kids. Well, after the last several days I felt there were a few more I wanted to share.

Lana demands to wear the riding belt when Will goes to Hippotherapy so at our last session after all the sessions were done they allowed Lana to go for a few circles on Beamer.

She really enjoyed it and I think she's going to start demanding rides from here on out.

All dressed for church -- I got a little bow in her hair! I was so excited! It didn't last long though since she would just pull it out and hand it to me. She attended church sans bow.
This was the kids right before bed time. And yes, they are listening to Michel Jackson... Will had chosen the music.

This is one of the circles Lana rode for.



  1. To reply to comments, I have all comments sent to my email. Once they are there I can reply to them! This is how you set it up: JC has great instructions! Hope that helps!

    Another dog would have been fun! We've talked about it but one dog with two cats is enough for now:) I always think about more dog hair in the house and like you, the extra expenses another dog wold bring.

  2. I either respond to comments by commenting on my post right under them...or emailing them back from the comment alert I received when they commented. Good luck :)