Saturday, August 13, 2011

The things that are happening here

I feel so neglectful of my blog lately. Maybe ya'll don't think so (please say you don't think so!).

Stuff has been happening!

Ryan has been (mostly) absent while he's studying really, really hard for some very important tests in the next few weeks -- work and school related. It actually hasn't been bothering me 'cause the kids and I have things to do. (In fact, over Labor Day me and the kiddos are planning a trip to visit my brother in Colorado!) Besides the deadline for these tests hubby is going to start taking classes at the university again so he needs those done so he can focus on his school work.

I recently posted some of my sewing skills and opportunities to spouses on our base and now have several people who want me to teach a sewing class or offer lessons as well as orders for some of the things I make. Very cool. Thank you CWU Costuming Department for helping develop those sewing skills my mom taught me! Yes, I learned how to REALLY sew in college.... worth the money!

Also very cool? A publisher contacted me awhile back to read and write a review on a pre-release book. I already do booksneeze, but this is a different publisher who saw a review I had done and wanted my opinion on a similar genre. The book FINALLY arrived and I started the first few chapters and ------ I'm LOVING it! It was hard for me to set it down but the kids are running around and I needed to blog and I've got other things to get done as well.

William is to start school in just over a week. Hopefully. I contacted the school about it and found that the new classrooms for the Special Education Preschool are not completed quite yet so they might be delayed in starting.

We are making progress with insurance covering Will's hippotherapy now that he is out of Early Intervention. Should hear back next week but at least it sounds good for O.T. to be covered.

Lana has been whiney lately. Yesterday I finally poked around in her mouth and my suspicions were correct: she's teething. Her molars are only now coming in. All. 4. at. once. She's not very happy about this.

Other developments for Lana: she is trying to jump, she is sorting things, really likes to take things out or off things and put them into boxes or on other shelves, she loves all kinds of music and dancing. Since her brother really likes Buzz Lightyear she has to love him as well. Both kids also love Elmo. And The Wiggles. And they seem to enjoy Veggie Tales too.

Anyway... I posted a bit ago about some changes I wanted to make to the blog. I believe I have finally made up my mind. Yes, I will be changing the title and layout. Currently I'm shopping around for blog designers and what they offer for their prices. I think the changes will tie in well with my etsy shop --- whenever I finally get it opened. I also think it will better reflect what I do here... it's not always just news updates on my family life. And I have decided I will NOT do the name changing thing. Not just because I want my readers to know me, but it will be a lot of work to go through and edit so many older posts.

If you have any input on blog designers or whatever, let me know and I'll check it out!


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  1. You're a busy bee! Can't wait to see the new blog header when you get it going!