Wednesday, August 17, 2011

The Little Ones

I figured it was time to do another post full of photos and videos of the kids. So that's what I'll do.

First, though, I want to share that today I enrolled my oldest in Pre-school. It was a happy yet sad day for me. As long as the new classrooms get approval he will be starting in about a week. He's a whole 3 years old, but it's starting! Before I know it he'll be off to high school, driving, having girlfriends and then leaving for college.

But right now he's still my little boy!

And another little tid-bit I wanted to share: TriCare has APPROVED that William continue Occupational Therapy through Hippotherapy! I'm so happy he gets to keep up with the horse riding because he loves it and I see great improvement. We also don't have to change his time slot unless we want to. By the time he gets out of school we can *hopefully* make it out to Edgewood in time for his session. I'm still thinking of changing it though because with therapy on Fridays it makes it difficult to have longer vacation weekends with that commitment.

Now I don't want Alanna to feel left out in this post so I should share she is a crazy little eater, eating practically everything. She loves fruits and veggies and lunch meat. It is a pleasure to have a child that does not give me war at meal times.

She is also really into climbing now. I accidently left the door open to our closet office and when I came through the hall I found her and her brother on top of the table slamming the keyboard and screens (yes screens with a plural "s"-- we have dual monitors). I discovered that little girl climbed onto the chair and then onto the table. Later on I found her standing on the seat of Will's tricycle trying to push the buttons on the BlueRay player. Such a fun age I tall ya!

Okay, enough with that now for the pics and videos!

Will posing in his bright green Old Navy swimming outfit.

a big accomplishment this summer was him jumping in the kiddie pool on his own and holding his breath

the kids and I on my birthday

Alanna enjoying that ice cream cake! Notice that she totally feeds herself with a spoon now.

Lana playing at Hoots

Will with his O.T. Chelle on the big slide at Hoots

Lana on the big slide

he totally conquered that wall -- repeatedly!

Swinging -- and conradictory to her facial expression she loved it

Will likes the infant swings because he can go higher on them

At the petroglyphs

at the top of the petroglyphs

Daddy reading to Lana. She loves books.

suckers after Hippotherapy

more suckers after Hippotherapy

"do I really want to go down the slide...??"

tricycle riding champion!

Playing in the fountains at ABQ Uptown

and they had a towel and change of clothes in the car

The awesome-ness of this video is that about a year ago Will was basically mute. He has improved so much! Since this video was taken we have added frog, bird, dog, and working on pig. Recently he's been repeating the alphabet more clearly and is working on counting 1-10 but those sounds are very difficult for him.

This is also a great video to show Will's progress. About a month prior he could not pedal his tricycle. Now he can go very well, even uphill if it isn't too steep! During this video we were actually on a driveway entrance of our street so he had to work a bit.

Both of the kids have a blast playing in this little tent. One day for lunch they even had a picnic inside it in the middle of the living room.

A short video of the kids playing in the fountain at ABQ Uptown. It was a hot day and most kids had already started school so we went there with the intention of this free fun... even brought a towel and change of clothes.

Now if you've made it to the end of this post... thank you. I know it was incredibly long!

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  1. You must be such a proud momma with all of Will's development lately! I bet your daughter will be loving her one-on-one time while he's in preschool, too :)