Wednesday, August 24, 2011

First Day of the First Days

As if you didn't know from my last post... today was Will's FIRST day of pre-school.

I got him there on time and we headed into the classroom. He met his teacher, the assistant, and other student. After hanging up his bag he went in and was ready for class. I tried to say good-bye and let him know I'd be back later but he didn't even turn around. Will was taking everything in and had no concerns about me.

Lana and I hurried off for a quick breakfast at home and then to PWOC.

When I picked up Will a couple hours later he was all smiles! His teacher said he did great and was even communicating with the assistant quite well. Right now there are only 2 kids in the class; Will and the other boy, but it will likely fill up over the school year. It seemed like he had a great time.

He is already looking forward to tomorrow.

And now I'll share my pics. I actually edited two of them because I felt it was best not to share the location of Will's class -- you know... internet weirdos and all.

ready for the first day

walking to class with his Transformers backpack

time to go in!


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