Sunday, July 3, 2011

nervousness sucks

I am so frustrated at myself!
Today I was to sing a special at church. My sound check/rehearsal went very well... but I couldn't shake this weird nervousness.

I don't usually get nervous before I perform so it really caught me off guard. Really, no idea where it came from. I've sang numerous solos, lead worship before, been on stage more times than I can count.

I tried to calm down. I tried my visualizations. I prayed. I asked for more prayer. I drank water. For some reason the odd nervousness wouldn't go away.

So what happened?

I screwed up my song in the beginning by getting clammed up and I was so mad at myself I guess it showed a bit in the rest of my performance. Ryan said I did not look very happy on the stage.

I tried to smile...

People still told me it sounded wonderful, but I'm just really irritated and disappointed in myself.

Oh well. I'll get over it.

Tomorrow is the 4th of July and I think we've found something fun to do to celebrate AND see fireworks. I'm looking forward to it!!



  1. Sorry your solo didn't go well! I think you probably still sounded good:) Hope you have a wonderful time tomorrow!

  2. I feel your "pain" - I sing often in church also and have been since I was 13 . .so for about 25 years. There are still times that the nerves just jump up and they always seem to hit at the beginning, giving me a rough start, or at the end, making that ending rough. But, most people don't notice . . .so I'm sure everyone was truly blessed by the message you brought :-) (Commenting from Jenna's Journey!)