Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Motherhood - It's Worth It

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Now on to what I wanted to blog about. My friend Tegan posted a link to an article on Facebook that was an interesting read and made me want to write about my thoughts on being a mom. You can check out the article HERE.

Personally, I think being a mom rocks! I love having my kids around and they are truly a highlight to my life. They are funny, entertaining, loving, and there's just something about them that I just can't describe. They are mine. It doesn't matter what my plans were before they came along because I wouldn't trade the time spent with my kids for those other opportunities - which I'm not so sure would be as fulfilling.

Yeah, sometimes being a stay-at-home mom can become overwhelming... the house is a mess, the kids have been crying all day, you still haven't showered, hubby wants dinner... but I think those bad days are worth the good days (which thankfully for me are more often than not).

Having a child is an amazing experience. It's like they are born and BAM it's a person. A WHOLE person has just arrived into your world. They have a soul, a personality, and their own preferences. Not to say that didn't exist in the womb, but it's so incredible to have this tiny person there who will rely on you to survive for the next few years. (I think that can go for parents who adopt as well... suddenly a special person exists in your life that wasn't there before.)

And each one is different.

I am still amazed by how my two kids, from the same mom and dad, could be so completely different from one another. I love it! They look so much alike... but one is more reserved, quiet, cuddly and obedient while the other is very social, independent and stubborn.

It's fascinating that when your child is born you just love them so much that you can't imagine loving another person that much. Then the next child comes along and you are overwhelmed with how much love one person could have at all to love that child just as much as the first one. It makes me ponder how much God truly loves us for He is love.

This whole "mom" business can be stressful. Forget the different parenting tips, commands and choices - I don't want to get into that one. But there are parents out there who seem to resent their kids or, as the article describes, do not have a priority on children. Yes, it was important for me to finish college before I had kids but that was also because I was incredibly young. Technically I did not finish college before having a child since Will was born 2 weeks before finals of my last quarter. Those two weeks were INCREDIBLY difficult and I am in awe of moms who have children and go back to school. It is not easy.

William was our surprise and Alanna was planned, well, sort of. Having them 25 months apart was perfect timing for us (and apparenty for God too). I'd really like to have a third child soon, but we're going to wait since so much of our future is up in the air still. If we are blessed with a third (and hopefully a fourth) child I am sure that I will be just as in love with them as with the first two.

Which brings me to my next topic. Large families. I don't have a problem with them. As long as the children are properly cared for; fed, clothed, loved, educated... then I'm okay with it. I'd also prefer they weren't being supported off the government or my tax money, but that's another subject all together.

I think coming from a big family has its benefits. There's always somebody to play with. You have lots of support from each other. You are included. I don't consider my family large as I'm only the 3rd of 4 kids, but I'm glad I do have sisters and a brother. We're our own special club. My mom is the 3rd of 10 surviving brothers and sisters and I truly enjoy having a large extended family that I can rely on for love and support though we are far away.

I've also heard it said that the more children you have the easier it becomes.

Anyway, to close this out I wanted to share what happens when people see me with my two little ones. Since they go practically everywhere with me I hear the comment, "you have your hands full" fairly often. I did like the author's reply in the article, but mine is sort of different. When I hear that comment my reply is "yeah I know, but it's all worth it." I truly do believe that.

Will and Lana could be running off in opposite directions and I'm flustered and frustrated and hot and sweaty but there's nothing that compares to one of your own bringing a book to sit down and be read to or one of your own curling up on your lap so they can settle down and go to sleep. It's those cherished moments that make my heart melt and know it's worth it!


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  1. Great post Sierra! I like your response to the hands full comment - they are absolutely worth it! :D