Monday, July 25, 2011

Jack Sparrow Lied!

Today was my birthday. And there is no Fountain of Youth!


Now, I usually consider myself in the "younger" category when it comes to adult-hood. In fact, most of the people near my age at church are in the singles/college age group. I don't really fit in there considering I'm married and have 2 kids.

But this year was kind of sad for me because, yes, I'm still in my MID-twenties... but now I'm past that peak point and headed into the "lates". Scary! Who would have though 26 could be a difficult age?!

I think my age started bugging me a few years ago when I'd read the Stars and Stripes and the guys getting killed in Iraq and Afghanistan were younger than me. It just wasn't right. Then in the past year I've found several blogs of new military wives who are in their early twenties and it's like it wasn't that long ago I was there. I'm kind of past that starting out point now.

But on the other hand I'm pretty satisfied with where I am. At the age of 26 I have been married for several years, I have two wonderful little kids, a dog, a house (well, military housing), I have my Bachelor's Degree, we own 2 cars, I lived in a foreign country for a couple years which included some amazing experiences and there are many, many lessons I've learned. It is true that I never really had that young single life since I did get married so young, but that's alright. I've heard stories of the dumb things people did during those "single years" and I don't think I'm really missing out on too much.

There is much to be thankful for. Then again, there is still much to improve upon. Not sure what this next year will bring but I'm up for it!



  1. I felt the same way when I turned 26 - it was a very odd birthday for me . . .

    I can assure you that you did not miss anything as far as the "single" days goes . . . I find married life to be much happier, much better and much more meaningful. :)

    You have a great attitude about life, as always. :) You're a devoted follower of Christ, an awesome wife and mother, and a fantastic friend. You've got it all! :)

  2. "most of the people near my age at church are in the singles/college age group. I don't really fit in there considering I'm married and have 2 kids."

    I can relate, but from the opposite end of the spectrum. I'm almost 21 and married, but have no children. It seems like all the wives on our post in my age range have children. Usually multiple children. Even the women who are younger than I am.

    I have a theory about "young" military families that goes something like: There are people who get married quickly because of the military, and then there are people who join the military because they got married (/had kids) quickly. And the larger portion of families fall into the second category.

    I would think you're right on track. I have a lot of friends "back home" that are living the young and single life, and none of them seem really happy with it. And honestly? Living in a foreign country, and having that experience with your spouse/family, is SO worth giving up a few years of parties and "freedom."