Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Gettin' Ready!

We've got family coming to visit this weekend.

So of course I'm busy trying to get my house totally in order and other things neglected finally taken care of.

Like Will's car seat. I knew it probably needed washed but I figured it was alright. That was until he had an accident in it yesterday. Opening the car doors this morning in a hot garage helped make up my mind quite quickly that the car seat did, indeed, need washed!

Oh, I didn't share with ya'll that the other day my kiddos decided that toilet bowl water was PERFECT for a bathroom water fight. Yeah... it was quarantined from all use until I could thoroughly clean the entire room; walls and doors included.

Don't you just hate it when you have a full day of stuff to get done and then more gets added on? My To-Do list seems to get longer before I can cross things off! Oh well. Such is life.

What do you do to prepare for visitors?


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  1. Speaking of preparing for visitors...

    About a week ago, our apartment was in the worst shape it's ever been in. I'd been sick for close to two weeks and had done nothing but sleep. The first day I was back on my feet, my husband calls from work and asks if it's okay for him to bring a friend over for dinner. He promised he wouldn't bring him over until around 5pm, so I had plenty of time to get things in order. I agreed, and ran out to do some errands before tackling the housework.

    Wouldn't you know, that crazy husband of mine shows up BEFORE 2PM. I had JUST walked back in the door, and NOTHING was done. Jeez. I sent them out for pizza and did the fasted cleaning job of my entire life. Looking back on it, I'm pretty impressed that I made two weeks of clutter disappear in twenty minutes...

    Anyhoodle. Ha. The toilet thing sounds like something my kid brother would have done. ;)